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Never-before-seen footage of bluegrass star Billy Strings performing “John Henry” at the Fretboard Journal magazine.

Filmed in 2017 and featuring his sunburst Preston Thompson dreadnought with Brazilian rosewood back and sides.

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16 Responses

  1. Graham Sauer says:

    Thought i had it playing at 1.5x speed at first lol….damn

  2. Mark McCann says:

    This must have been kept on a shelf before puting up…. Billy pre-ink

  3. Pearable says:

    Please more videos with Billy strings

  4. S Ruscak says:

    Doc Watson reborn

  5. Who on earth disliked this and why?

  6. Steve says:

    Just born with talent

  7. I got him. This video shows just the barefoot, green shirt wearing, unlit cigarette smoking dude while the music plays. https://youtu.be/vc-iiqwyWyc

  8. Grayson Byrd says:

    Man, just a killer play. Thank god

  9. Eric Bruce says:

    I was super excited for this premier. I missed it while driving TPosts into some hard Texas clay… 🤣

  10. PSQUAD138 says:

    That boy sho can play that geeetar!

  11. Eb Steward says:

    Mighty fine picking!

  12. Jack Dolah says:

    Love from indonesia billy❤️❤️❤️

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