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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Billie Eilish – Live at Life Is Beautiful Festival (Full Concert / 2021)

Billie Eilish performs live at Life Is Beautiful Festival.

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#BillieEilish #LifeIsBeautiful #HappierThanEverTour

Music video by Billie Eilish performing Live at Life Is Beautiful Festival (Full Concert). © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records


11 Responses

  1. -nickel says:


    bury a friend: 1:20
    you should see me in a crown: 4:32
    i didn’t change my number: 8:28
    nda / therefore i am: 11:12 / 14:26
    my strange addiction: 18:03
    halley’s comet: 21:11
    billie bossa nova: 25:03
    oxytocin: 29:55
    ilomilo: 34:04
    when the party’s over: 38:01
    no time to die: 41:22
    lost cause: 45:23
    everything i wanted: 50:21
    not my responsibility: 55:52
    overheated: 59:32
    bellyache / ocean eyes: 1:03:15 / 1:05:00
    all the good girls go to hell: 1:09:00
    my future: 1:11:55
    your power: 1:16:11
    happier than ever: 1:20:29
    bad guy: 1:25:28
    goodbye: 1:28:46

  2. Angel Souls says:


  3. ANA SOFIA says:

    Billie se veía tan feliz 😍

  4. Mara Farfan says:

    Uno de los mejores shows 😍🤟🌃

  5. guste r says:

    i bet that they were showing the crowd during eiw because thats everything shes ever wanted

  6. oOGeekITOo says:

    Omg, i hate people screaming when someone performs. Singing alone is ok, but when the song is slow, melodic and requires the audience to stay quiet, the audience has to stay quiet to enjoy the beauty of the track

  7. You made me hatee this ciiiityyyyyyy , the intro 🤤

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