FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Alan Jackson Abruptly Cancels His CMA Fest Performance

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A week before Alan Jackson was set to play Nissan Stadium during CMA Fest, the festival announced it wasn’t happening. What happened?

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In 2021, Alan Jackson revealed he’s suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder but it’s not clear if that had anything to do with him no longer playing CMA Festival in Nashville. His 2022 summer tour is still on trek. In fact it’s the No. 1 Hot Summer Tour according to Taste of Country readers.

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31 Responses

  1. John Ebbels says:

    Love Alan. I hope he’ll be ok. Take care of yourself god bless you. John from Australia.

  2. Vedrana says:

    Sending love and prayers to him and his family.God bless you 🙏😇❤

  3. I hope Alan Is ok. I live in the same town he grew up in and I’ve lived here in Newnan all my life. I live about 12 minutes from his momma and daddy’s house. I hope he’s ok though. He put on a awesome concert last year here in Newnan, Ga. I have his autograph from when he come to Walmart years and years ago was in the 90s. I love you Alan Jackson and your beautiful family❤️❤️❤️

  4. Claire logan says:

    Alan jackson claire text alan now claire great video and story and claire said to alan ilove you with a hug e hug with a kiss ❤ and alan said to claire ilove you with a hug e hug with a kiss ❤ too

  5. Kathy Sowers says:

    Maybe just saving his energy for the tour?

  6. Pat Cooper says:

    i love allen jackson songs his voice and the wonderful man he has become husband and father to his lovely family.

  7. Robin Adair says:

    Give him a break folks. He is not doing well, that’s why he’s retiring. Praying for you, Allen. 🙏🏻

  8. D'Ann Murray says:

    Hope all is well for him. He is one of my favorite CM artists….my favorite song is his remake of It Must Be Love.
    Best wishes

  9. Sending love and best wishes to Alan.❤

  10. Dios.mio.ke.pena.Dios.Alluda.Alan.para.kepueda.estar.en.ese.concierto😔😂🤠🌹⛪

  11. Iva Hobbs says:

    I love Alan and all his songs are my favorite ❤️ I wish him all the best in the world ! My God be with him and his beautiful family 😍

  12. 🎸Met Alan just as his career was about to skyrocket (early 90's.) Got a photo with him & an autograph that I cherish. Such a polite, gentle giant! Sending love & prayers to him & his family! So many hits, but favs are "Midnight in Montgomery," & "Here in the Real World" 💜🙏

  13. God bless Alan Jackson him and Merle Haggard George Jones Johnnie Cash and Loretta Lynn just great I miss the good times those were the good times just not the same 🙏🙏🙏

  14. bearkatljl says:

    Umm since he was the only country artist on the venue, its no wonder he cancelled.

  15. JIMMY LEE says:

    Alan Jackson is one of the greatest country artists of all time and one hell of a writer I love his music prayers go out to him and his family God bless you Alan Jackson !!!!!

  16. Brian Taylor says:

    I just can't nail down just one song. I have my own opinion as to why he cancelled. It has more to do with the state of country music, than his health. Though, because of his health, he just may be unconfortable being around all the other entertainers. On tour, he's around more of the same people that he's more comfortable to be around. Plus, it's easier to hide things. Especially when TV cameras are around. I know that I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with country music's attempt to mix every style of music into one, and LYING about how they all evilved from the same place. In truth, it's just about MONEY! This isn't the first time. Remember the late 1970's, early 80's, what I still call the " disco-funk-country", where so many very talented, country to the soul entertainers, sold out to that junk sound, just to put more butts in seats, and more money in their pokets. I wish it was like it was at one time, where radio stations had those who were dedicated to one type of music, then where a few played a little sample of each, just so people could get the chance to be exposed to something different. But, NOT THROWING EACH ONE INTO A MIXING BOWL, STIRRING THEM UP INTO SOMETHING THAT SOUNDS LIKE ***, AND CALLING IT ANY KIND OF COUNTRY. I'm thankful for the few newer artist who are not just sticking to their country roots, but are taking a public stand on the matter. I don't have anything against other types of music. Each to their own, as it should be. Like my grandaddy used to say, don't *** down my back, and tell me it's raining. DON'T MESS WITH MY COUNTRY!!! It's the only music that I have left. Southern rock is nearly exstinct. Rock is gone. All I have left is country. Greedy record companies have ruined American music. We don't have any real choices left. Kinda the state of the reality of where we are as a country itself anymore. The freedom of individual choices is rapidly evaperating. Our youth today don't understand that, because they weren't around when we were in a much better state of life. I'm old enough, and have paid attention enough to notice just how much we've lost. Sadly, there's too many people old enough to have been around long enough that has either noticed, and speak out about it, or just don't say anything. So, keep out of my country music. If you like the mixed sound of noise, seperate it into it's own category, and don't put it on the Opry, it doesn't belong there. Create it's own "Opry", or whatever you eant to call it, OTHER THAN ANYTHING BESIDES COUNTRY MUSIC!! BECAUSE IT'S NOT COUNTRY MUSIC. COUNTRY MUSIC IS MORE THAN A WEAK ATTEMPT AT A FAKE SOUTHERN ACCENT. THAT'S SOMETHING YOU'RE BORN WITH IN ORDER TO GET IT RIGHT.

  17. Mark Runyon says:

    I have CMT, AJ & I are the same age.There"s much worse things to have than CMT.But,I"m sure he has alot of pride,Which he certainly deserves.Some day"s you walk around like your drunk,so I can understand why he"d feel very self conscious but it"s a heredetary condition,brought on by no actions on his part.Or maybe it"s totally to do with something else.I wish him all the best.

  18. Mary A says:

    Praying he is doing ok

  19. It may not all be health. He doesn't agree with the country music (it's not) of today and where it's headed. I quit listening years ago. Only tune in to classic these days!

  20. Or maybe he don’t care for the CMA going with the wok bs.
    The ban on the confederate flag
    The whole y’all means all nonsense

  21. Donald Ewert says:

    A Joke?? How stupid to say such a thing!!

  22. love you always i wish you well song here in the real world I have listen for over 6 years

  23. Liam Bloom says:

    I live in Australia and I'm a huge Alan Jackson fan. I have all his cds and my favourite song of all time has to be Who Says You Can't Have It All, I would literally pay him anything to perform that song in concert again. I've been lucky enough to have seen him in concert twice when he came out here years ago. I'm sad to hear of his health issues, I'm trying not to be sad for him but I know he'll be ok. Best wishes Alan!

  24. BabyBirds 2 says:

    I hope he is well.

  25. I love all his wonderful music always god bless him hope he gets to feeling better get well. Prayers for him

  26. Janet Brown says:

    My prayers of love and faith have been with Alan Jackson and family ever since I first read this. He's one of a few left of the greatest country singers ever."Someday"and "Tonight I Climb The Walls " have always been my favorites but Alan, Here In The Real World, you'll always be Wanted. God Bless you Alan and thank you for the music. You are loved .

  27. Roscoe Rubee says:

    A Jackson wouldn’t fit in with all the liberal democrats in Nashville.

  28. ryan hilts says:

    He hates the new stuff and so don’t I

  29. CMA is turning liberal.

  30. Faith Brewer says:

    So praying for Mr Jackson. God bless y'all tour. I love all Jackson's songs. God bless him and his family ❤

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