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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: (38 min – 6 songs) Bobby Osborne Tribute presented by Larry Stephenson & friends

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A tribute to Bobby Osborne on his 91st Birthday held at EMS Bluegrass Festival at Jekyll Island Convention Center January 2023 – Georgia – Led by Larry Stephenson with several musician friends –
Larry Stephenson (mandolin)
Rhonda Vincent (mandolin)
Tim Graves (dobro)
Terry Eldridge guitar (sitting)
Derek Vaden (banjo)
Mickey Harris (bass)
Steel –
guitar –
Video by: Sparky Sandra Day


3 Responses

  1. dllavid says:

    Yes that is Wynn…I guess Larry will spend the rest of his career tributing Bobby . It is the only thing he ever had/has had going for himself . He has never done a thing in BG but been at best a comparable adequate side man .

  2. Andy Cooke says:

    Is that Wyn Osborne on banjo ? Excellent & should be credited.

  3. Larry Stephenson knows how to stack the harmonies just like Sonny and Bobby! Good job!

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