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End of the Road festival news : What music are you most excited about for 2023? | Countessian Photography…

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What music are you most excited about for 2023?   | Countessian Photography...

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What music are you most excited about for 2023? 🎢 πŸ“Έ | Countessian Photography


31 Responses

  1. Andy Chapman says:

    New albums by Murder Capital, Billy Nomates, Shame, Slow Readers Club & Ist Ist. Hopefully new albums by Squid & Sleaford Mods, Enola Gay & Idles

  2. The umlauts and modern woman

  3. Mark Conroy says:

    New albums from the Murder Capital and Shame!!

  4. Fergus Lyons says:

    Seeing a macaw next year:)

  5. Kate Cain says:

    EOTR getting new sanitation contractors in.

  6. Peter Jordan says:

    Looking forward to my first EOTR festival next year

  7. New M(h)aol album in February

  8. Geof Elgie says:

    Natalie Merchant new album tops the list… but also MOLLY, Doug Paisley and The Polyphonic Spree.

  9. Just discovered Thus Love – loving them!

  10. Alex Scoppie says:

    Whatever your lineup is tbh. Any chance of Pom Poko plz?

  11. A Formal Horse playing in the Tipi Tent.

  12. Austen Dack says:

    Red Rooster Festival- no wrappers there

  13. Pale Blue Eyes would be a great fit for EOTR

  14. Chris Calow says:

    New Golden Dregs LP.

  15. Please book SCUD FM and/or Meatraffle. Plus Sweaty Palms, as we missed them the year they played. Oh and Mayaid.

  16. Phil Musker says:

    Debut LP from Treeboy & Arc

  17. Moldy Peaches gig at the Roundhouse in May 🐰

  18. Seeing Big Joanie, Wunderhorse, Big Thief and hopefully Plastic Mermaids in Jan-Apr. And hopefully again at the beginning of Sep?

  19. Steve Hanson says:

    The Pavement EotR headline slot.

  20. Oh sees playing the garden stage I wish!

  21. Would be great to see Plastic Mermaids, ME REX, Wet Leg, Horse Girl and please also James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra performing The Wide, Wide River

  22. Tei Shi, Jesse Sykes possibly. Really hoping to see Pulp, Blur and The Walkmen.

  23. Dylan Ross says:

    live and more from:
    Douglas Dare, Meryl Streek, Hack Poets Guild, Sprints. Stick In The Wheel.

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