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End of the Road festival news : It’s too cold to do anything else, so it’s time to arrange your travel plans to …

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It's too cold to do anything else, so it's time to arrange your travel plans to ...

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End Of The Road Festival


It’s too cold to do anything else, so it’s time to arrange your travel plans to End of The Road 2023 🧊

As we move toward a greener End of the Road Festival each year, we’re implementing some car parking changes for 2023.

This year, car parking spots will be limited and must be booked online in advance. If these are gone, you will need to find alternative transport. National Express offers coach services from many UK destinations as well as shuttle buses from Salisbury train station.

You can buy your car parking tickets on our website or a National Express coach ticket here http://ow.ly/2fxN50MtEEu

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26 Responses

  1. £26 for car parking… I remember the days of it being £5!

  2. Austen Dack says:

    Yep pricing yourselves out of the market (plus music genres going off piste)! Red Rooster for us this year after 13 years of EOTR

  3. David Astles says:

    Why make it so difficult to attend?
    We are committed to EOTR this year, but are likely to try different festival next year. Reasons as already mentioned by others.

  4. Simon Way says:

    What if you pick up a resale ticket but can’t get a car space?

  5. Helen Minnes says:

    Thousands of people come by coach to Glastonbury. Surely the End Of The Road audience is able to do the same thing?!

  6. I don’t understand some of these comments as don’t you always need a parking ticket for festivals? Think it might have been free at Glastonbury in the 80s but l have always had to buy one for the past few decades.

  7. Kay Bridget says:

    Amanda McHugh ….

  8. Great to cut down on environmental impact and take public transport if you only need to carry stuff for yourself. Don’t think we’ll get all the clobber required for camping with kids on my back and on the train… just impractical. That’s families out. 😞

  9. Cool, we’ll sell our tickets then. £25 is outrageous and a coach is not practical for us.

  10. I’ve cycled from Salisbury to the site before. It’s not that far and a nice ride as long as it doesn’t pour down with rain.

  11. The last time I was at EOTR, a few of us went. We were disappointed tbf – it’s always been a great festival but everyone felt it’s got too big for the location. If you’re limiting parking, is it maybe time to source a bigger venue, guys? Don’t mean to offend, just my opinion.

  12. Beth Cox says:

    If you really think through the environmental impact it’s likely to result in more people leaving tents, shelters etc behind so that they don’t have to carry them back on the bus, creating more waste.

  13. Jack Cochran says:

    Anyone selling a campervan ticket?

  14. Simon Way says:

    This is a similar reaction to when Green Man banned shelters/gazebos…they u-turned fairly quickly 🤣

  15. Gill Newman says:

    Yes I need a camper van ticket too if there are any? 😬

  16. Paul Goodall says:

    My cars already parked my tents already set up and in the lower family I’ll be waiting till the sunrises on the glorious EoTr can’t wait

  17. Joe Lean says:

    Good move eotr. Unless you’re incapacitated, disabled etc, driving is a choice not a necessity. Plenty of families manage to get places using public transport. If you’re sad you can’t bring the kitchen sink with you… then there are plenty of other festivals.

  18. Scott Hortop says:

    Camper vans have never been sold out in the 4 festivals I’ve attended. But this year even before general ticket sales sold out they have all gone. Would have bought tickets on day 1 if I knew – is this part or the ‘car parking changes’?

  19. Kat Oughton says:

    Why not incentivize car sharing instead? I’ve attended the festival about ten times, including driving myself, car sharing (both as a driver and passenger via a car sharing site) and using public transport which was a total nightmare tbh. Public transport plus lugging a load of camping gear is completely impractical (not to mention the unreliability of trains at the moment because of strike action) unless you live in a major town or city with great transport links. If you don’t live in an urban area it costs a fortune just to get to a transport hub. Applaud your efforts to make the festival greener but this is all stick and no carrot

  20. Robbie Mark says:

    Where are the shuttle bus options? Green Man have regular shuttle buses from a park and ride, but the EOTR options are highly limited and only at certain times/days. If you want to actually encourage people to not drive, make it actually accessible instead of doing the bare minimum.

    We stayed offsite last year and there was acres of room in the car park. So either you’re reducing the car park size or increasing the capacity. If it’s the latter I’d love to know how that is green.

  21. How are people gonna carry all their camping equipment and 4 days’ worth of gear from all over the country via public transport?? Not everyone is a light traveller. Some people might need more stuff than others to make sure that they are comfortable, warm, not-too-hot, waterproofed, fed, watered and whatever else they may need for the duration of the festival. If you really want to be greener, why don’t you put on extra resources and use your imagination to encourage people to leave their cars at home for positive alternatives (car sharing, shuttles, etc have all been mentioned, I’m sure there are plenty better ideas you could come up with), rather than simply make life difficult for those who were going to drive?

  22. Mark Simpson says:

    I really don’t get the ‘too many people on site’ or ‘need a bigger venue’ comments. Leave it where it is, as it is plz and just don’t try and force people onto coaches when they expect to be able to pay a little extra to take a vehicle.

  23. Dean Window says:

    Greener Festival.? How about a move to compost toilets, the ones at other festivals work well and can’t be worse than last year’s.
    That will be a move to a greener festival without making it harder to get there.

  24. Stevie Smith says:

    Tollard Royal? Public transport?? 😆😂🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. Green man festival do a free shuttle bus to park and ride and the local railway station which is really useful. Sure EOTR could sort out similar.

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