EEZ-EH EEZ-EH Kasabian will be headlining Reading ’17 plus more acts announced …

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EEZ-EH EEZ-EH πŸ™Œ Kasabian will be headlining Reading ’17 plus more acts announced β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ’›

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25 Responses

  1. Beth Prescott says:

    Ben Chappe

  2. Alfie Stock says:

    Victoria Schafer oi oi

  3. Ruby-mae Clarke says:

    Emily Petch Amber Clarke

  4. Samantha Whiteman says:

    Zara Hyde

  5. Dave Church says:

    Lucie Marsh

  6. Chris Frearson says:

    Marty Treadwell

  7. Adrien Vervekken says:

    SΓ©bastien Nothomb ne te l’avais-je pas dit

  8. Lucy Ellen says:

    Jethro Tonge

  9. Samuel Tournay Godfrey says:

    Niall Thomas Harry Carver Iwan Lloyd Ollie Hines George Carter

  10. Mark Conway says:

    Jon Besty Forrest Chris Prow

  11. Craig Miller says:

    Gregory Roome Josh Cook Ryan Catterall Connor Biggs

  12. Anusha Nacchia says:

    Kiera Forde Tasha Mcdonald Martha Holbrook

  13. Connal O'Dwyer says:

    Barry Brinkley

  14. Eli Callon says:

    Sjur Bendik Thorsen Lundeland

  15. MairtΓ­n Sherlock says:

    Leona Kieran could get Kasabian at EP

  16. Laura Kirkham-Jones says:

    Katie K-jones Deborah Kirkham-jones Hywel Lloyd Ennis

  17. Lewis Miller says:

    Barry Denholm Andrew Jamieson

  18. Rhianna Stephen says:

    Elliott Hill

  19. Joel Walker says:

    Shannon Thomas

  20. Yasmina Benabdelbaki says:

    Max Clark

  21. Curtis Bown says:

    George Elliott get in

  22. Sam Watts says:

    Vickie Billham

  23. Daryl Morgan says:

    Patrick McGinty Anthony Purcell

  24. Paige Louise says:

    Beth Davies just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse

  25. Steph Curivan says:

    Amie Lawrence not there yet still looks good… x

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