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Eden Festival 2019 Spotify Playlist

So you are thinking of heading to Eden Festival 2019? What better way to get in the mood than with this brilliant playlist of the majority of the confirmed acts…

DJ Zinc, Ms. Dynamite – Wile Out

Bondax – Giving It All

MY BABY – Uprising

Macka B – Bob

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Going Up The Country

Lau – Ghosts

Flamingods – Jungle Birds

Smoove & Turrell – Will You Be Mine

Sketch – Shed Life

TROJAN SOUND SYSTEM – Africa – Darkstarr Diskotek Dubplate Extension

The Mouse Outfit, Truthos Mufasa, Black Josh – Sit Back (feat. Truthos Mufasa & Black Josh)

Barely Legal – Goosebumps

Kenny Ken feat. Ragga Twins, Kenny Ken, Ragga Twins – Lalabella VIP – Kenny Ken Remix

Loefah – Disco Rekah


Auntie Flo, Anbuley – Dance Ritual II feat. Anbuley

Tankus the Henge – Smiling Makes the Day Go Quicker

PBN feat. The Dhol Foundation & Daljit Mattu, PBN, The Dhol Foundation, Daljit Mattu – Kaun Nee Jaandah

Bombskare – Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

Adam Holmes and The Embers – Whatever It Is You Do

Schlachthofbronx, Nicky Da B – Lights off (feat. Nicky da B)

Serial Killaz – Good Enough

Blue Rose Code – (This Is Not a) Love Song

Harare, Kudaushe Matimba – Bvisa

Holy Moly & The Crackers – Cold Comfort Lane

The Baghdaddies – Stash

Old Blind Dogs – Johnny O’Braidislee

3 Daft Monkeys – Hubbadillia

Rory McLeod – Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance

Jnkyrd, Lizabett Russo – The Judge

Jam Baxter & Dabbla, Jam Baxter, Dabbla, Stivs, Kelvin 373 – Eggs – Stivs & Kelvin 373 Rmx

The Mountain Firework Company – Creeping Vine

Awkward Family Portraits, Cara Rose – Baby Blue

The Strange Blue Dreams – Reverberatin’ Love

Witchita – Mrs. Magoo

Miracle Glass Company – T.R.O.U.B.L.E. – Radio Edit

Dank 1, Exxis, Melissa Kennedy – Summer Time

Cera Impala and the New Prohibition – Whisky

Yoko Pwno – Genghis Shan

Quiche – Come on Down

Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers – David Attenborough

Unknown Era – The Misfit

Megan Airlie – Honey

Onipa – Woza

Reely Jiggered – Warrior

The Bookshop Band – We Are The Foxes

Whirligig – The Harper / Lady Catherine Ogle

Solana – Oompa Loompa

Earthworm! – Mo’ Taters

Gido, Justin Chaos – Space Pirates

Sutekh – Fire Weather

Cronyx – Tetrawhip

John Cooper Clarke – I Wanna Be Yours

The Carloways – Crawlin’ Back

Lostly, Emma Gillespie – Roam

DLÙ – Anmoch

Blue Milk – Only Angels Can Fall from Sky

Last Night From Glasgow, Emme Woods – I’ve Been Running – Emme Woods

Avocet – Causeway

Sophie Rogers – Breathe

Flew The Arrow – Trail Of Thought

Eriska – Jaws of the Pelican

Anton & The Colts – Alright

Acoustic Butterfly – Little Swallow

Gregory James – This Is the Air I Breathe

The Razorbills – Global Scale

Martina Cannon – Lay My Body Down

Tangerinecat – I Don’t Want to Be a White Master

Josephine Sillars – Problems With Power

Pauline Vallance – Ally Bally

Space Dolphin – Commando

HiWstre – Arcadia – Original Mix

UTM, Raptor – Dingue

Clusterfuck, Captain Hotknives – Electric Distortion

GU-RU – Flex

Smiling Ivy – Offshore


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