Deer Shed news : My First Gig! Sinkane…

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My First Gig! Sinkane...

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My First Gig! Sinkane 🎸

One of the greatest joys of what we do here at Deer Shed is getting to play a part in creating the first live music experiences for many of our youngest attendees. Lots of kids get to watch their very first gigs in the fields here at Baldersby Park, and we think that’s a wonderful thing indeed πŸ’˜

And so, we thought we’d start asking some of our amazing Deer Shed 12 artists about their own formative experiences in music – be it the first gig they went to, or even the first one they played!

Next up is the incredible Ahmed, who tells us about the first gig he ever played πŸ₯

What was your first gig?

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