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Daddy Daddy Smokehouse

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Daddy Daddy Smoke House
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From humble beginnings, we are proud of the reputation we have built over the years.
We are honoured to work with some of the most renowned institutions in Britain,
including static sites such as Camden Lock and Kingston Market Place.
We also work with major festivals , Christmas markets, car show, funfairs, and
London Marathon.
Simply put, we believe that we owe our success to hard work. We aim to provide both
our clients and their visitors the best catering experience possible. In recent years, the
size and diversity of our modern fleet combined with the experience of our team has
grown . This allows us to cater for and adapt to whatever challenges are thrown our
Growth Strategy
Fantastic Catering Ltd have always adopted a non-aggressive organic growth strategy –
preferring to maximize the return for our existing customers and not constantly chasing
new business. New business comes to us mainly through recommendation.
Services and Divisions
There are a number of ways that we work with our event and location
clients to generate revenue from their visitor space. In many cases,
Fantastic Catering Ltd will pay a generous fee to the location owners
or event planners to allow us to host our units. For special installations
such as corporate promotion, outdoor staff catering etc, we offer unit
hire options, details of which are below. Our project management
teams are always on hand to ensure, we are providing the best
solution tailored to the end-user market.
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