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Cropredy news : We’re back on the road! Can’t wait to see you….

We're back on the road! Can't wait to see you....

Latest Festival Flyer update from Cropredy

We’re back on the road! Can’t wait to see you.
Our Autumn tour starts this Thursday in Maidenhead here – https://norden.farm/events/fairport-convention-44
Check out the rest of our tour here –

Fairport’s Cropredy Convention Official page



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24 Responses

  1. Rebecca Ruth Kerry says:

    Ah, the hardest (longest) working boy band around….. enjoy. X

  2. Tracey Cameron says:

    Good news indeed. X

  3. Andrew Williamson says:

    No Scottish dates u need to play the queens hall again seems so long since u last played there

  4. Jim Messham says:

    See you in Northwich for starters ❤ 👌

  5. Pauline Cox Buckland says:

    Will see you at The Stables 👍

  6. Ian Mcbride says:

    See you in Chipping Norton

  7. Russ Heath says:

    Seen you many many times. Never a bad gig! Red and Gold tour was my first i think.

  8. Jørgen Bøgen says:

    As a Dane I don´t envy you Brits too much these days 🙂 But it´s sad for all us Fairport fans in Scandinavia and elsewhere on the continent that our favourite band seems to have dropped touring over here. Hopefully not for good? Wish everyone a great time in Maidenhead and the other 11 venues!

  9. June Jack says:

    Nothing for us in Scotland?

  10. Jeremy Guy says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Lowdham with Andrew Moulds

  11. Heger Walter says:

    Great, you’re back live ! I wish you a successfull tour, or maybe 6X-ful

  12. Jenny Wren says:

    See you at Bewdley on Friday . Never been to a gig in a safari park before. Hope the lions enjoy the music and don’t join I the chorus 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Bob Goody says:

    Looking forward to seeing you boys again soon at the show in East Grinstead..

  14. Jenny Parsons says:

    Lowdham for me…. Can’t wait xx

  15. Richard Savory says:

    I’ll be seeing you in Chipping Norton in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to it.

  16. Mark Thomas says:

    See you in Wells next week..🤘😉🤘

  17. Leanne Cook says:

    Cardiff for us, a birthday treat for me 😊

  18. Cheryl Freeman says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Wells on Saturday x

  19. Viv Gale says:

    Not coming near us 😭

  20. Colin Hamilton says:

    See you @ northern kin 2022

  21. Rossana ZiaRoss Lombardi says:

    We hope to see you soon back in Italy!

  22. Sally Maybury says:

    Bewdley is one of the sold out venues then. So glad I got my ticket early. Really looking forward to seeing you

  23. Diane Leggo says:

    See you there 🎶😀

  24. Massimo Giannini says:


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