Cropredy news : We head to The Peak District and The Devil’s Arse today!…

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We head to The Peak District and The Devil's Arse today!...

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We head to The Peak District and The Devil’s Arse today!
No, really…

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  1. Neil Carruthers says:

    It’s all uphill from here

  2. Jane Crofts says:

    Be careful!

  3. Alex Kendall says:

    I could`ve sworn that was in St.Austell…

  4. Debbie Bashford says:

    Just make sure everyone knows how to get there.

    Edale Mountain Rescue Team
    1 d ·
    Incident 48 – Thursday 19th May 2022 20:55hrs.
    A late request for assistance via Derbyshire Constabulary to Peak Cavern at Castleton.
    A gentleman travelling to attend the, “Devils Arse” John Shuttleworth concert, had followed his sat nav while walking from his overnight accommodation to the cavern. However somehow managed to end up on a footpath above the cavern.
    He came into extreme difficulties and slipped, just managing to catch a tree to arrest his fall, inches from a 100ft drop to the cavern floor.
    Unfortunately the concert had to be cancelled, and people had to be evacuated from the area due to the danger of rocks being dislodged on to the concert goers below.
    Team members made their way to the top and quickly rigged up a technical rope rescue system. Once this was all in place, a team member was lowered down to the gentleman’s position, where he was secured into a rescue nappy. The gentleman had suffered a cut and some bruising above one of his eyes, other than that he seemed fit and well.
    The team hauled both the rescuer and the gentleman back up to the crag top, where he was handed over to an HART paramedic for further assessment.
    The gentleman did not need further hospital treatment and was given a lift back to his accommodation by a team member.
    Team stood down at 23:17hrs but some team members returned to our nearby base to sort out all the ropes and hardware.

  5. Nicola Jackson says:

    That’ll be amazing,

  6. Jane Hurford says:

    Jason Preston you should have stayed another day!

  7. Steven Free says:

    If you get chance come say hello
    Water street
    Open daily 11-5

  8. Ellen Bentley says:

    Did you realise why it’s called the Devils’s really funny 😄

    ‘It received its colloquial name because of the flatulent sounding noises from inside the cave when the flood water is draining away’ !! 😂😂

  9. Linda Deaville says:

    Great experience 💕💕

  10. Matthew Jarvis says:

    Have a great time Simon Nicol Fabulous venue and sadly we missed out getting organised this time. But I believe Alan Ajc and Carmel Reilly will be there lowering the tone

  11. Colin Edwards says:

    Isn’t that where the Marmite factory is?

  12. Ben T Iron says:

    Anthony Burrows

  13. Andrew Cutts says:

    Look out for anyone dropping in tonight. Oof!

  14. Christopher Short says:

    Should be good craic.

  15. Anne Wakeling says:

    Been there and heard the infamous farts 😂😂😉

  16. Dirk Urquhart says:

    Watch out for John Shuttleworth fans still climbing around on the rocks above..

  17. Anil Prasad says:

    Please don’t use that as the new album title.

  18. Adrienne Nash says:

    They were doing films last week!

  19. Glenys McGraw says:

    This Devil owns alot of land here, he even has his own punch bowl 🥣

  20. Martin Nike says:

    I can imagine Ric Sanders is already working on a jig called ‘The Devil’s Arse’ for the next album.

  21. Pete Goodyear says:

    Devil’s Arse… is that near Wincle in the Peak District?

  22. Madelyn Lauria says:

    Been there…probably not same devil or same arse

  23. Sue Riley says:

    Fantastic night as always!

  24. Patricia Anne McLoughlin says:

    Fab concert thankyou guys and so close to home for me! Loved the sign inside the cave ” Please don’t climb on the ledge ” but glad we were able to meet on it at last. And to see the pipistrelles flying through, think they enjoyed it too. Enjoy the rest of the tour xx

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