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Cropredy news : Walk A While / Nagoyaport Convention

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Walk A While / Nagoyaport Convention

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21 Responses

  1. Kenny Downes says:

    Seen this earlier , someone commented ‘ wok awhile ‘

  2. Len Corns says:

    Much better than the original (and prettier).😀

  3. Tony Simpson says:

    Headline act for Friday 🤔🫣😂

  4. Saturday afternoon after Digance?
    Obviously with the guys sat pm!

  5. I loved that, would love to see them live

  6. Peter Storey says:

    They say they imitation is the highest form of flattery- they could be wrong.

  7. Goodness me, this is a disorienting post! I live in Nagoya 😃
    Are these fellows local? I shall have to search them out!
    The mountain *can come to Mohammad, if the mountain is Fuji 😀

  8. Steve Hill says:

    They’re not actually all that bad…

  9. Gill Foster says:

    They must have studied the lyrics by listening to the album. I got the chorus, but the verses were unintelligible, unless they are in Japanese

  10. Dan Molloy says:

    How wonderful! Love it when music crosses over to other cultures like this, it demonstrates that boundaries in music are a nonsense. Utterly outstanding. 😊👍

  11. I like their Sir Patrick Spens performance that’s also on YouTube!

  12. Not just Cropredy, full UK tour with Fairport as support

  13. Well it’s different I’ll say that. 😎

  14. Fascinating! Is this in a different time signature? It could be good fun to see these folks play at Cropredy eventually.

  15. Dear Fairporters. We appreciate for you to watching our performance. We love to play FC music so much & pay respect for them. I hope you enjoy our movie. Thank you.

  16. BRILLIANT!!! 👍👍👍

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