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Cropredy news : Copies of the 2022 Tour Programme are now in the shop….

Copies of the 2022 Tour Programme are now in the shop....

Latest Festival Flyer update from Cropredy

Copies of the 2022 Tour Programme are now in the shop.

Fairport’s Cropredy Convention Official page



11 Responses

  1. Bernice Morgan says:

    Swansea – tonight! Woohoo!!!!

  2. Kim Scratchley says:

    Excellent night yesterday at the Corn Exchange, Exeter !!

  3. Matthew North says:

    Love the new programme.

  4. Alison Smith says:

    Fab gig at Exeter last night. Overheard in the crowd 🤣before the start of the gig: “Who’s in the band now?” Reply: “Simon Pegg I think, or someone Pegg anyway.” Made me laugh!

  5. Andy McMullin says:

    Yup. Brilliant last night in Exeter. OK, the two-part Cider Rain definitely added to the amusement; but the recovery just showed how truly professional (and entertaining) they are. And a great support act too!

  6. Rosemary Lawrence says:

    Looking forward to seeing them in Bath tomorrow!

  7. Rachel Lambertson says:

    Hey guys- this is such great artwork- who is the artist??

  8. Colin Staines says:

    I only picked this up yesterday as I would have liked to have seen them.

  9. Christopher Heinig says:

    Who did this drawing ? Anyone know ?

  10. Christopher Heinig says:

    All of you dear souls are SO fortunate to see Fairport live & here I am “drooling” !

  11. Ken Norman says:

    Nice artwork. Who’s the artist?

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