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Creamfields news : The 10 part deposit scheme is back for 2022 with tickets from as little as £5.00…

The 10 part deposit scheme is back for 2022 with tickets from as little as £5.00...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

The 10 part deposit scheme is back for 2022 with tickets from as little as £5.00 per month! 🔥 Signup now to be first in line for tickets #cinchxCreamfields 👉🏻 creamfields.com/signup




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47 Responses

  1. Káyla Everest says:

    When are tickets for the one in June being released?

  2. Charlotte Crozier-Dickinson says:

    Craig Dickinson you need to sign up for the tickets

  3. Natalie Kenny says:

    Marni Kenny-kettell you and your friends need to sign up for this! Xx

  4. Jasmine Chaytor says:

    Connor Cockburn hope u will attend next year !!!!😡

  5. Caroline Mary says:

    You up for maybe going? Scott xox

  6. Darren Smiles says:

    Any news on Chelmsford tickets yet?

  7. Tasha Blake says:

    Leonie Blake fiver a month

  8. Sam Jones says:

    For anyone wondering if goods worth it yes it is the hot meal every day is banging

  9. Annemariex Sneddonx says:


  10. Patrick Hearne says:

    Happy with this, means there’ll be loads of cheap tickets near the time of Cream again like this year cause folk can’t make it or whatever. 🤑

  11. Caitlín McFarlane says:

    Sophie Nugent a FIVER we can do it

  12. Zowie Jackson says:

    Chelsea Paget this is what I was on about for next year xxxx

  13. Donna Adams says:

    Stacy Adams , we doing this !

  14. Paige Courtney says:

    Amber Heasley should we

  15. Stephanie Monks says:

    Robert Bailey we going or what? Xxx

  16. Emily Gibson says:

    Hannah Hutchinson should we go

  17. Ellie Slattie says:

    Ryan Hindson shoild we do this

  18. Ben Lowe says:

    Aaron Houghton may as well get both just incase init 😂

  19. Jade Higson says:

    Thomas Hall fiver a month 👀

  20. Jordan Alan says:

    Robert Fowler u wanting to tick a ticket for creamfields like 😂😂

  21. Ceri Cleland says:

    Sarah Paul Tasha think we should do this next year 😁 I’ve already signed up 😜

  22. Ellie-Mae White says:

    Grace Waterman

  23. Shannon Young says:

    That’s do-able🤣🤣 Lisa Fairweather

  24. Bethany Lauren Hicks says:

    Caitlyn Chatfield we should go! X

  25. Shannon Evans says:

    Shona Evans think we should go next year 🤪

  26. Donna Swales says:

    Jess Swales which day or days are we doing. Xx

  27. Holly Butler says:

    Olivia Gleadow let’s get dream fields booked

  28. Adele Evans says:

    Zoe Ruckledge you coming next year lol x

  29. Donna Marrochia says:

    That’s good isn’t it Laur ❤️ Laura Williams xxxx

  30. Niomi Gillin says:

    Harry should we

  31. Bent Anton Jelle Sørensen says:

    Jimmi Hasselgaard Larsen Poul Christensen Mille Kmh Mette Bording Lasse Krak
    Det er da til at klare hver månede og tror det bliver vildt næste år da der jo er jubilæum 😜😎

  32. Jodie Leigh McCann says:

    David Newlands let’s do it for next year 💃🙌

  33. Jessica Louise Evans says:

    Guys thinking it’s gonna cost a fiver a month, we went this year silver camping for 3 days and it was £60 a month for 2 people.

  34. Jacqueline Leitch says:

    Can you dream fields thru the deposit scheeme

  35. John Gerald Mctaggart says:

    Lorri Tollan do you wanna share this too

  36. Abby Simpson says:

    Emily Meredith speak of the devil

  37. Jade Scarrott says:

    Honor Wrycraft can we pleaseeeee 🙏🙏🙏

  38. Shinead Hutchison says:

    Anne-Marie Allan okay I’m 100% coming this time

  39. Anabel David says:

    Who needs ticket?

  40. Gemma Jaap says:

    Kristian Lee Hall 25 years this will be a good one

  41. Beth ColeUllyott says:

    Rebecca Cole Emma Cole Chelsea UllyottAshleigh Jade shall we do this that’s good then by Time it comes it’s already paid off

  42. Skye Jorja Hutchison says:

    Hollie Paris Lindsay Hutchison let’s do it a beg x

  43. Georgia Walker says:

    Chloe Maria Hemmings I feel like we should

  44. Elizabeth Sinclair says:

    they’ll be no stopping her now Karen Jenkins Sinclair

  45. Loretta A Melville says:

    Is anyone one still interested in purchasing tickets ?

  46. Shannon Mansell says:

    Billy Mansell 😂😂 get yourself organised lad 💃🏽

  47. Lewis Shaw says:

    Gonna have standard portaloos or what ya scruffs?

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