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Creamfields news : Our 10 part deposit scheme is back for 2022! Secure your ticket for £20 followed…

Our 10 part deposit scheme is back for 2022! Secure your ticket for £20 followed...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

Our 10 part deposit scheme is back for 2022! Secure your ticket for £20 followed by 10 monthly payments from as little as £5! 😎 We’ve now hit 150k signups 🔥 This show will sell out Signup now for Friday’s on sale ⏩ creamfields.com/signup




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43 Responses

  1. Sheila White says:

    When do the Chelmsford ones go on sale?

  2. Jessica Louise Hughes says:

    What tickets do you get if you get dreamfields do you get standard camping or day tickets?

  3. Michelle Sheldon Leitch says:

    Is dreamfields on the deposit scheme?

  4. Jamie Higgins says:

    Where and wen is dis usually on does anyone know ?? 😁😁

  5. Zoë Paterson says:

    When does dreamfields go on sale anyone know ?

  6. Dominique Sherwood says:

    Anyone know what time they go on sale on Friday?

  7. Kerry Robinson says:

    Does anybody know what you get in each ticket level please?x

  8. Lauren Richardson says:

    Katy Curry silver … £20 deposit then £28 a month 😎

  9. Milly Bolton says:

    Does anyone know if you can do the deposit scheme for dreamfields?

  10. Amy O'Sullivan says:

    Sophie Murphy either get 4 day silver camping or 4 day gold camping 🎉🎉 you deffo getting yours Friday? X

  11. Lisa Rowley says:

    What’s the difference between standard and gold anyone tell me x

  12. Marz Fleming says:

    Creamfields how many tickets can one person purchase please ?

  13. Kelly Cross says:

    Creamfields when do dreamfields ticket go on sale? X

  14. Susie Hays says:

    Is this the Chelmsford one

  15. Kate Canavan says:

    Is the Gold on a day ticket worth it?

  16. Karen Clausen says:

    Any hotels near by?

  17. Henrik Olin Egholm says:

    Sonny Daniel Michael Anders ny tur??? 🤘🤘

  18. Leah McGarvie says:

    Anthony Heugh the bronze 3 day camping doesn’t look bad 👀

  19. Charlotte Edwards says:

    Cheryl Leigh Parker would u go do a weekend ? Non camping so get hotel x

  20. Ste Burton says:

    What dates is it on?

  21. Becky Weaver says:

    Chloe Johnson gold Saturday ticket £12.30 a month👀

  22. Emily Jones says:

    Laura Jones gold Saturday and Sunday!!

  23. Leanne Hickey says:

    Megan Bore I might do this x

  24. Elizabeth Ryan says:

    Don’t get Gold day passes right rip off!!

  25. Emily Olivia says:

    Sofia Rose Katie Stayne Megan-Alice Dixon Mia Bainbridge tbink im getting my ticket Friday

  26. Sarah Wharton says:

    Melissa Jane Renshaw should we get this now an pay off.. me u Jamie an r nath ?? Xxx

  27. Hannah Jayne Cowie says:

    Frances James you thinking what I’m thinking 😎

  28. Jo Buckland says:

    Don’t bother with silver & gold tickets, you get less benefits than standard tickets + less toilets.. RIP OFF!!! 🤬

  29. April Stephenson says:

    Dominic Hart may be a good idea for you if you were series about going, spread the cost out a bit. Tickets are hard to get hold of close to the date too

  30. Emma Hadlington says:

    Silver 4 day for me this time. 🙌🙌

  31. Sharmie Foulds says:

    Kaylum WH can we gooo x

  32. Curtis Mealey says:

    Nathan Farquhar surely you’ve one more in ya lol

  33. Bradley Clarke says:

    Olivia Georgia needs to happen!

  34. Jemma Torpey says:

    Right so you buy the camping ticket then the entrance ticket? Or is this me not reading things right 🙈

  35. Lisa O'Hara says:

    Elisha Brookhouse which day?? Lol x

  36. Angela Lina says:

    Wow 😍

  37. Ash Johnson says:

    What’s different between bronze silver and gold camping

  38. XAimee Meenanx says:

    Elizabeth Gardner Meenan how many days we going

  39. Carson Joker Robertson says:

    What time are tickets on sale at

  40. Andrew Craig says:

    Natalie Scobbie Stephen Turnbull let’s sort it out I want to go defo

  41. Gemma Errington says:

    Shall we go next year??? Robbie Sisterson

  42. Donna Swales says:

    Jess Swales what are we doing next year? Xx

  43. Stacey Louise says:

    Stacy Hambleton defo need go next year!

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