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Creamfields news : Just announced – Patrick Topping will make his Steel Yard debut on Sunday….

Just announced – Patrick Topping will make his Steel Yard debut on Sunday....

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

Just announced – Patrick Topping will make his Steel Yard debut on Sunday.

This is in addition to his set for Paradise on Friday night.




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34 Responses

  1. Morgan Owen says:

    Oh yeahhh!

  2. Shannon Marie says:

    Abby Bentley gutted were not going😩

  3. Fiona Martin says:

    Yes! 🙌🏻

  4. Lauren Wheeler says:

    Georgia Lauren Anderson we ain’t missing

  5. Josh Carter says:

    Jack Scholey by the christ yess

  6. Rachael Claire Topham says:

    Ruth de Jong RUTH RUTH RUTH!!!! Xx

  7. Drew Grant says:

    Robert Gemmell wooooo Sunday!!!!

  8. David Doherty says:

    Declan Rush Lauren Black we need to see him as well

  9. Karen Stuart says:

    Jill Masson twice in 2 weekend 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  10. Clarissa Sophie says:

    Katie Louise Gutted we’re not there this year 😭

  11. Jess Bayliss says:

    Get Knife Party on there pls… i mean they’re already there as pendulum 🙃

  12. Jamie Edwards says:

    Taylor Stephens chuffed!!!!

  13. Robert Harrison-Morris says:

    Jack Robertson I’ll let you know if it’s any good whilst you’re at the club

  14. Nathaniel Yeo says:

    Calum Southall 👀 lil deadline day addition

  15. Sam George says:

    Ryan Siverns might help the planning 😂

  16. Ashleigh Marie Bell says:

    Louise Kirsty Kaylie Hutton Jordan Robson Sherylee Bryant we should defo get him seen if he’s playing twice!

  17. Rach Elh says:

    Bradley Kidner missing out x

  18. Amy Hamnett says:

    Alex Bellmon if he doesn’t play turbo time I’ll cry

  19. Lauren Evans says:

    Laura Hartley the only time we need the 2 sets and we aren’t going 😂😩

  20. Jasmine Power says:


  21. Leah Coombes says:

    Buzzing for this

  22. Chrissy Weir says:

    Patrick Topping love you thank you for blessing us with two sets 🖤

  23. Mofo-Lisa Mole says:

    Nicola Bruce is this turning out to be the best weekend ever !!!!! 😬😬💃🏻

  24. Jon Morgan says:

    Pizza topping

  25. Carla Dixon says:

    Abi Holyland we are going

  26. Pepsii Holland says:

    Looking for a silver cream fields ticket x

  27. Sharni Rose Hyland says:

    Got 2 x standard tickets for Friday. £60 each.

  28. Kevin King says:

    2x Saturday gold £180 Wirral

  29. Chloe Butler says:

    Can you use a bronze parking ticket if your camping standard??

  30. Kade Shaw says:

    Omg Paige Massey i am now jealous of you

  31. Jennifer Jolenis says:

    2 x 3 day camping bronze for fri till Sunday £400 ovno can’t go 😢

  32. Paul Platt says:

    Mint I’d be seeing him mate

  33. Carolina Robles says:

    Quien + 🍀 🍀 🍀???

  34. Lauren New says:

    Got 4 standard camping tickets if anyone interested 100 pound

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