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Creamfields news : Due to a small number of failed deposit schemes re-sale tickets are available. T…

Due to a small number of failed deposit schemes re-sale tickets are available. T...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

Due to a small number of failed deposit schemes re-sale tickets are available. These tickets are available on a first come, first served basis to this year’s waiting list. To avoid disappointment make sure you secure yours now #cinchxCreamfields 🎟 https://bit.ly/37oErSO




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37 Responses

  1. Rhys Davies says:

    X2 gold camping 2day tickets going ??

  2. Amy O'Sullivan says:

    1 Sunday ticket available Wayne O’Sullivan

  3. Samantha Donovan says:

    Mine and my sister’s are back up for resale but now it’s saying the tickets are on the way does anyone know why?

  4. Gemma Leatherbarrow says:

    1x 4 day gold camping available if anyone would like it message me x

  5. Sian Balfe says:

    I have 2 sat/Sunday camping standard tickets

  6. Jan-Willem Hettema says:

    I have 2 Friday standard tickets available but can’t list them at the website. Anyone interested? Ticketmaster United Kingdom need help!

  7. Laura Anne says:

    2 standard Friday available

  8. Naomi Hall says:

    1 Saturday ticket available

  9. Amber Sisson says:

    Any SILVER 2x sat and sunday camping tickets?

  10. James Forsyth says:

    Ticketmaster resale is a shambles and blatant robbery so I’ll sell privately if needed

  11. Cherise Thomson says:

    Creamfields we was told we’d be able to put our tickets up for resale on 29th Jul, then told 2nd Aug, we’re still unable to put them up for resale?

  12. Aoife Grimes Griffin says:

    I have 2 x 3 day non camping tickets and it won’t let me re sell them?

  13. Olivia Cleasby says:

    Got 3, 4 silver camping tickets

  14. George Marshall says:

    I have 1 standard Sunday ticket available if anyone wants it

  15. Samantha Miller says:

    I have a 4 day bronze camping ticket x

  16. Demi Leigh says:

    1x Standard sunday ticket

  17. Ole Fletcher says:

    1 standard friday ticket collect in person Warrington

  18. Megan Mundy says:

    3 day standard non camping available

  19. Lee Cozens says:

    Liv Porter just checked and 3 day silver is currently available! That’s the campsite we are in, be quickkkk if you want to come

  20. Esther Wainwright says:

    Trying to use re-sale through ticket master but the link for our tickets won’t work (on my account it says they have successfully been listed for resale and had confirmation email)

  21. Stephanie Hastie says:

    I’ve got 2 Friday and Saturday non camping tickets, somehow wont let me put them back on resale 😭

  22. Jess Honeybourne says:

    I have put 2 golden VIP Saturday tickets up on the website!

  23. Victoria Murray says:

    2 day standard camping ticket available, Saturday-Sunday, resale not working

  24. Liam Courtney says:

    I have 2 bronze 4 day camping tickets

  25. Alana Duffy says:

    Tam Mcilhardini how many tickets in total do we have to sell ??

  26. Jennifer Garcia says:

    I have tickets to re sell.. if anyone is interested. The system online messed up and I ended up buying more than I needed!.

  27. Andrea Williams says:

    What about all the people who have paid for their tickets and are struggling to sell them !!!!!!

  28. Liane Spiller says:

    Where do you sign up for last minute ticket release please ???

    Potentially 1-2 Gold 4 Day Camping …

  29. Natasha Harrison says:

    I have 3 tickets for bronze camping Saturday & Sunday ☺️

  30. Joe Emery says:

    Looking for 2 x 3 day standard camping and 1 x 2 day camping

  31. Liam Liam says:

    2x Saturday non camping ticketsπŸ’₯WANTEDπŸ’₯

  32. Aaliyah Brooke says:

    I have one x3 day silver camping 🎫

  33. Jade Neal says:

    x2 3 day standard camping available!

  34. Robina Bella Carter says:

    I’m have 1×3 day sliver camping ticket

  35. Ole Fletcher says:

    Anyone needing Friday ticket message me please. Can collect in person today Warrington

  36. Jack Davidson says:

    Got a silver 4 day on ticketmaster πŸ™‚

  37. Poppy Mclennan says:

    I’m looking for 1x standard camping ticket for the 3 days

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