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Creamfields news : cinch presents Creamfields returns in 2022 to celebrate 25 years as the worlds l…

cinch presents Creamfields returns in 2022 to celebrate 25 years as the worlds l...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

cinch presents Creamfields returns in 2022 to celebrate 25 years as the worlds leading electronic music festival… it’s going to be the biggest party in our history, expect the worlds BIGGEST electronic lineup 💥 Sign up now ⏩ creamfields.com/signup Tickets go on sale next Friday, 24th September #cinchxCreamfields




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30 Responses

  1. Michael Bye says:

    Wow. This year was Bloody Incredible.
    Tiesto was By far Amazing. Didnt realise he does the same set every year though. So Hopefully its different Next Year let’s see.
    But Kygo and Alan Walker I want to see. But Definitely bring Alesso along again. Loved him.

  2. Joe Howey says:

    Imagine it sold out next week 🤯

  3. Sophiee Duncan says:

    Is there going 2 be the monthly payment plan again

  4. Chelsie Teasdale says:

    Let’s get our tickets next Friday!! Les Hilton 😍😍

  5. Morgan Bailey says:

    Pendulum was insane this year, hope next year is as good

  6. Clara Spence says:

    Catriona Mallon Alex Bowkett yous have to come with me next year!!

  7. Sam Robson says:

    I hope DJ skepsis plays next year

  8. Natasha Alicia says:

    One man petition to get Calvin Harris back for next year 🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Charlotte Tipper says:

    Does this include pre pitch and dreamfields does anyone know?

  10. Rach L Murray says:

    Bliss Nevitt we should book this 😎💃🏿🙌 xx

  11. Ashleigh Whitehorn says:

    Lee Scrivin please can we go next year 💃🕺

  12. Kerrie Townsend says:

    Ben Grocott we wil book our tickets then 💃💃

  13. Kirsty May Allen says:

    Need bigger tents than this year MK tent way too small , scooter tent way too small.
    More open air stages and better toilets rather than cess pits with no sawdust like it’s supposed to be used, get the eco idea but either deliver it properly or go back to portaloos

  14. Amber Marshall says:

    Yes get me a ticket exciting 🤩 xx

  15. Jade Spencer says:

    Yess can’t wait to get next year tickets this year was absolutely amazing

  16. Lauren Gossink says:

    When does Chelmsford go on sale?

  17. Stevie Jay says:

    Wasn’t it your 20th anniversary like 2 years ago?! Where has the time gone?! 😳

  18. Jordan Tynan says:

    Creamfields Hope to expect better toilets and showers in gold too, had ice showers and half of the toilets out of order for 3days 😅 the ones u had in 2019 was much better in my opinion

  19. Andrew Ramsden says:

    Please bring The Chainsmokers back, such an amazing evening with the live vocals and pyrotechnics!!

  20. Natasha Halsall says:

    Kie Fo 25 year anniversary 😬 or we going for summat different

  21. Luke Robinson says:

    Armin on the arc 👐👐👐

  22. Anna Tur says:


  23. Josh Hendrick says:

    4am shut every night and you can have my money

  24. Laura Mclaughlin says:

    Can’t wait xxx

  25. Georgia Robson says:

    Why does Cinch annoy me so much 😂

  26. Diane Mitchell says:

    Did you know there doing 2 creamfields this year

  27. Fiona Smith says:

    VJ VJ I feel we need to do this next year 🤣

  28. Andy Sowden says:

    We are a way on them dates xx

  29. Jo Black says:

    Fay Halloran Harriet Taylor did we go here or global? Gosh I couldn’t imagine doing a 3 day festival in a tent! Gosh the tent was so, small 😂🤣

  30. Johnny Dang says:

    I think “Field of Creams” would have been more appropriate.


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