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Creamfields news : All Silver Camping SOLD OUT! #cinchxCreamfields…

All Silver Camping SOLD OUT! #cinchxCreamfields...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

All Silver Camping SOLD OUT! #cinchxCreamfields




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46 Responses

  1. Paweł Stachelek says:

    I got mine 😁

  2. Kate Riley says:

    Even 3 day sold out now @ Matty Ravey 🤨

  3. Tina Hall Waterson says:

    This cant be right ?

  4. Kieron Wotton New says:

    Jamie Cummingshope you got yours in time

  5. Charlotte Harman says:

    Sarah Williams lucky we got ours !

  6. Brad Sansom says:

    Si Heron flew out mate glad we got ours let’s gooooo.

  7. Tillie Murphy says:

    Hannah Cotton so lucky we got ours!!!

  8. Leahbeth Hobson says:

    Louise Taylor you sure we can still get them few month before we go yeah?

  9. Dazzling A Diamondv says:

    Is anyone still interested in purchasing tickets?

  10. Bailey Stainsby says:

    Sam ThompsonCameron Stainsby good thing we were up early 😅

  11. Paige Evans says:

    Lauren Boycott got there in time girl 💃

  12. Nicola Bowen says:

    Aww god I so want to go 😥😥😥

  13. Fiona Ward says:

    Creamfields will there be any further ticket releases like at Christmas or next year?

  14. Gemma Mckie says:

    omggg this is mad😂😂😂😂

  15. Kaili Tye says:

    Alfie West Jesus, we wouldn’t be getting same as this year even if we could

  16. Amy Horton says:

    Charl Drake mate we gonna have to go basic / Boujee now fgs!

  17. Helen Gater says:

    So glad I booked mine when I did 😌 🥳💃

  18. Sara Evans says:

    Saffron Lacey good job we got ours

  19. Seb Mcstay says:

    Rebecca Alice Wright lucky we got them in time!! Xx

  20. Sara Read says:

    Hollie Jayes it’s a good job we booked this morning, most of them have sold out 😭😂

  21. Becca Francis says:

    Chel oh my god! Lucky I’ve just got mine!

  22. April Jones says:

    Connor Kelemen 🤯 thanks are in order

  23. Jake Mottram says:

    Peyton Court glad we got ours!

  24. Pawel Strzemecki says:

    tommorowland better

  25. Gemma Kay Aherne says:

    Fern Russell need to make our minds up soon

  26. Jess Parker says:

    Ben Godfrey thank god we got tickets

  27. Declan Butler New says:

    Ben Leonard standard be selt out soon

  28. Phoenix Jade Ellis says:

    Chloe Archibald Keira Farnsworth Elle Redman Katie Brooks setting the alarms this morning was a idea

  29. Benjamin Scott says:

    Do anyone need tickets?

  30. Rachael Donnelly says:

    Sophie McIntyre just in time! x

  31. Sally Anne Holloway-wright says:

    Thank god I got my ticket 🥰

  32. Tom Jones says:

    And how many are already on re-sale, at triple the price?😂

  33. Tee Morris says:

    Chelsea Meakin AYEEEEE we got ours 🍾🥂

  34. Nathaniel Hamilton says:

    Ruby Bower glad we got
    Ours when we did

  35. Becca Cleminson says:

    Jayde Perkins see good job I was on the ball

  36. Myrran Martin says:

    Tiree McCall Tamara Kerr Tamzin Caroline Maben Amy Young Callum Johnston lucky we all got up to get them when we did

  37. Rex Quiban says:

    Hi lauren pooh

  38. Emmanuel John says:

    I got my tickets 😋😋 tho I overbooked

  39. David Corden says:

    I’m in 👍👍👌👌 shame about dreamfields but I’ve booked the hotel down in Widnes

  40. Lisa Salkeld says:

    Alice Marsh thank god we have ours

  41. Charlotte Thomas says:

    Saskia Maxine !!!!! Should have done the deposit scheme!!

  42. Lauren Cross says:

    Leah Mcghee might need to book quick if you wanna come x

  43. Naomi Guest says:

    Owen Robinson ain’t it good we got ours today

  44. Abi Smith says:

    Jimmy Luange glad we got ours

  45. Shannon Heath says:

    Annie Victoria it’s a whole year away

  46. Adele Jordan Hackworth says:

    Thomas Wheatley Kieran Spoor dunno if you’s managed to get them already

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