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Creamfields news : All #cinchxCreamfields Tickets will be completely SOLD OUT THIS WEEKEND…

All #cinchxCreamfields Tickets will be completely SOLD OUT THIS WEEKEND...

Latest Festival Flyer update from Creamfields

All #cinchxCreamfields Tickets will be completely SOLD OUT THIS WEEKEND 🔥




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37 Responses

  1. Stefan Jon Croft says:

    Joanna Ska we going or what?

  2. Carwyn Reed says:

    Gareth Thomas

  3. Danielle Gore says:

    Lauren-Mia Clay tell euan

  4. Jason Lea says:

    Said by Friday yesterday?

  5. Charlotte Harrison says:

    When are Chelmsford released?

  6. Laura Hayman says:

    William Underwood !!!!!!

  7. Stevo Marshall says:


  8. Maryrose Holian says:

    Keith Holian will we or won’t we

  9. Sylvie Simpson says:

    Emily Simpson!

  10. Paul McGowan says:

    Kieran McGowan , Amy Mcgowan

  11. Matthew Pateman says:

    Got mine 👊 what a day! Can’t wait to go again

  12. Eva Gagan says:

    Course they will 😂

  13. Sammy Anderson says:

    Drew Pulman got yours?

  14. Steven McCabe says:

    Dominic need to get them asap!

  15. Jasmine Chaytor says:

    Connor Cockburn !!!!!!

  16. Ellis Done says:

    Absolute classic from Creamfields Guy Snaith

  17. Ann Baxter says:

    Who needs tickets

  18. Jay Booth says:

    Kurt Oxberry cancel ya holiday and get on this👀🤣

  19. Queenie Dee says:

    Janine Hanbury tell our Sarah to get it sorted and quick! She can do the deposit scheme to secure her ticket x

  20. Jade Coyle says:

    Gemma Buckett Aimee Nikola Hervé Kelly Reynolds thank god we are in

  21. Connor Handren says:

    Charmaine Munro get on it! You can pay it up.. we’re sorted

  22. Joe Richardson says:

    Kathryn Wild Jesse Williams do it do it

  23. Brad James says:

    Fancy refunding the ticket I never received this year? 🙃

  24. Jennifer Peterson says:

    Anyone wants tickets?

  25. Leona Cannon says:

    Sophie Wroe you down? Haha xx

  26. Matty Moore says:

    Niall Holloway Alex Rea class

  27. Kelleigh Todd says:

    I’m in🥳💪🏼

  28. Benjamin Scott says:

    Do anyone need tickets?
    I’ve got extra

  29. Benjamin George Nash says:

    James Toogood join the gang james

  30. Nicola Stephenson says:

    Darren Armstrong Howay lad🙌🏼😂

  31. Courtney Goode says:

    Chloe Littler it’s getting serious

  32. Carys Paul says:

    Joanne Jordan are we going again?

  33. Kate Canavan says:

    Don’t panic buy

  34. Ella Rimmington says:

    Bethany Chauhan we’ve already for 2 day silver camping! You getting on it 👌🏼

  35. Katlin Forester says:

    Nike Collen Davis Is looking to sell her ticket

  36. Gemma Campbell says:

    Rachel howe

  37. Bryan Mcphie says:

    Will be next weekend next 👀🤣

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