Ragged Bear 2018 – in photos

When your love of festivals is purely about the music look no further than Ragged Bear.

No overpriced food - just pop across the road for a Subway.

No overpriced beer - it's all at that under-£4 price point we love, and they have real ale coming out of their ears.

No staggering back to try and find your tent - this is a city centre event in the very epicentre of the UK. Nuneaton.

And did we mention the music?

The line-up never fails to delight... and here's our gallery of photos to show what a lovely little festival this really is. Enjoy....




The Funking Barstewards – Hastings Fish and Wine Festival 2018

The Funking Barstewards have been putting smiles on the faces of festival crowds since they first graced a big stage at Phoenix Festival back in 1993.

Still funking it up after all these years with a greatest hits back catalogue of disco classics, the Barstewards’ most recent foray into festival land was at the annual Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival.

Headining the Saturday night they lit up the tent with a set that kept young and old alike dancing from start to finish

Franz Ferdinand at Festival No.6

In a weekend of double-named bands (The The, Django Django, Eveything Everything) Franz Ferdinand took up a milder alitaterative theme alongside Friendly Fires – and as a ‘double-F‘ publication our selves we wholeheartedly approve.

We also approve of their position at the top of the bill on the last night of this amazing festival before (what we hope) is a one-year hiatus.

Whilst The The brought a massive dose of credibility to the line-up, Franz Ferdinand entered the ring carrying a huge clutch of classic contemporary pop songs and the sort of fizzing energy that bands such as The Hives also let loose when given half a chance.

As a finale to the last six years of artistic integrity at Festival No.6 this was an inspired choice.

Gaz Coombes at Festival No.6

It’s scary that Supergrass originally formed so long ago – but Gaz Coombes remains perennially young in a world of aging stars and his stage presence is as bright today as it was when he first stepped out in front of a microphone.

Here at Festival No.6 his late-afternoon set on Sunday was up against the ire of Baxter Dury, but Gaz pulled a good-sized crowd and proved once again (if ever proof were needed) that he most definitely still has that magical spark.

The Charlatans – acoustic and orchestrated at Festival No.6 2018

The result of a collaboration betwen Tim Burgess and Festival No.6’s composer in residence, Joe Duddell, saw the central Piazza of Portmeiron village treated to 30-odd minutes of sultry strings backing the chirpy vocals of The Charlatan’s front-man.

Rounding the session off with a cover of The Cure’s ‘Caterpillar Girl‘ was a deft stroke of genius, and we only hope that the festival will return on full throttle in 2020 after a planned year off in 2019.

The The steal the show at Festival No.6, 2018

There can be no doubt that The The‘s headline set on Saturday night at Festival No.6 was THE standout moment of a weekend that delivered on almost every level – despite the weather being her usual cruel self.

For everyone in the main stage crowd who grew up listening to Matt Johnson’s quintessentially thoughtful lyrics and luxuriating in his powerful production skills, this all-too-short 75-minute set was as close to time travel as the laws of physics permit.

Thrown back into the political maelstrom of the mid-80s, the words still echo true all these years later and remain both relevant and poignant.

It was just a shame that the curfew was so strict – but at least the finale of ‘Infected‘ delivered the killer punch.

We wait with eager anticipation for the long-awaited new album due out next year.

Everything Everything lacked nothing at Festival No.6

There is an emerging theme with bands at Festival No.6 as Everything Everything join The The and Django Django on the bill – here’s some great shots of their Friday night set.

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