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Carfest news: CarFest 2017 Friday 25th August

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CarFest 2017 Friday 25th August

CarFest for BBC Children in Need


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19 Responses

  1. We had a great day, thank you CarFest.

  2. Follow my filmmaking page vlog on carfest coming next week!

  3. Thanks for a magical day! 🎶 🚗 ☀️

  4. Just home from an amazing day. Thank you 😊☀️💛

  5. Brilliant first car fest, fab Friday bring on the rest of the weekend. ⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️

  6. Vikki Kitcat says:

    Fabulous day and evening. Great music festival and the acts were superb tonight. Just got home and sang all the way!!

  7. Lisa Whiting says:

    Another fantastic Carfest for us. We’ll be back next year 😁

  8. Wow. It looks great. The rain at CFN didn’t stop us having an amazing time but that sunshine makes all the difference. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  9. It was a brilliant day , should have bought the weekend pass 😞

  10. Janine Wilson this will give you an idea 😊

  11. Sally Booker says:

    Amazing day and evening at Carfest South – falconry cars and great bands xx

  12. Sally Booker says:

    And she met the organiser!

  13. What a great day, especially Ollie Murs. Bring in the rest of the weekend, can’t wait for The Jacksons tonight

  14. Keith Mills says:

    Fantastic event great day Friday, see you again on Sunday for a second look around.

  15. Sarah Jayne Hewitt… Olly!x

  16. Great day! Got there early and had a full day of fun! Well done Chris Evans and the team!!!

  17. Gill hope you all have a great time tomorrow xx

  18. Jude Sutton says:

    Brilliant day. Had so much fun and our tiny teeny festival goer did too !
    You guys do such a great job putting this on 😉We are coming back next year for sure.

  19. Rain fest north was a great experience but never again… spain next year for us.

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