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Can August hurry please…

Can August hurry please…



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  1. Kerrie-Anne Paskell says:

    Charis Spearing

  2. Annie Critchlow says:

    George Syradd we have this to get us through exams

  3. Dan Sidnell says:

    Mini Lewis

  4. Chris Hayter says:

    Could a second headline announcement hurry up? 🤔

  5. Lee Buller says:

    Nick Matt Gemma 😝

  6. Alexis Mercier says:

    Eminem please..

  7. Warren Agius says:

    BLINK-182 please !!!!!!!

  8. Lisa Chick says:

    Georgie Burfoot 😍😍

  9. Emma Louise says:

    Dominic Forward

  10. Jeff Newton says:

    Tell us who is headlining!!! So I can make my mind up

  11. Laura Wilson says:

    Got my ticket for Christmas

  12. Jess Hyde says:


  13. James Burrill says:

    Richard Mannering

  14. Dom Pluckrose New says:

    Ben Moorman Sam Vincent Tom Moorman

  15. Leeroy Rutter says:

    Can the person who books the bands hurry up and die

  16. Gareth Newman says:

    Jack Gardner

  17. Carmen Juno Guglielmi says:

    Eh daje rtrt Selene Anselmi Alberto Fortin

  18. Lou Gray says:

    Abigail Howard Michela Cullum x

  19. Abigail Pound says:

    Logan Summers

  20. Molly Warren says:

    Jessica Parker-Edwards

  21. Paige James says:

    Amy Hargood

  22. Valerie Everett says:

    Lexi Crosson

  23. Samuel Harries says:

    When’s the next announcement?

  24. Aaron Jones says:

    Luke Jenkins Jordan Bradbrook

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