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Shopping for Reading Festival this weekend? Take a look at what you can and can’t bring to the festival


Camping Campsite Opening Times Go get your tent set up! Our campsite opening hours are as follows: Early Bird Ticket holders: 6pm Wednesday 24th August Weekend ticket holders: 8am Thursday 25th August Disabled Access campsite: 9am Thursday 25th August Campsite closes at midday Monday 29th August Wha…



25 Responses

  1. Hayley-May Edwards says:

    Matt Gee might be useful

  2. Sarah Knight says:

    Linsey Worrall x

  3. Matthew David Fleet says:

    Gareth Hill

  4. Hannah Le Gassick says:

    Hatty Nash

  5. Shannon Louise Williams says:

    Hannah Kirby Kerry Meek

  6. Martha Jarrell says:

    Shannon Briant

  7. Joshua Broadbent says:

    Denam Hendry Dom Bryan Corey Felton

  8. Matthew Meech says:

    Ed Babuniak Sam James

  9. Aidan Keetley-clarke says:

    Cody Louise Millward

  10. Busuttil Gill says:

    Ian Galea Carl Mizzi

  11. Jane Ewart says:

    Ellaa Ewart

  12. Ashley Betteridge says:

    Jake Selling Katie Dolman Sam Wilson Olyver Paul Cox have a look things your not allowed to take now

  13. Nathan Brynley Payne says:

    Andrew Fortt Liam Kirsch Connor Ogden Leon Knight

  14. David Hoare says:

    Is the orange exit going to be open this year so we don’t have to spend hours trying to get to tesco?

  15. Kristabel Hilton says:

    Can you bring something like this? It mentions disposable BBQs and fires but this is a combination item that is actually safer. We have one like this (different brand) that we use for cooking and warmth when camping. It would use charcoal/wood. Please advise cos it takes forever to cook meals for a family of four with solid fuel stoves!


  16. Michael Bayliss says:

    Cam Turner

  17. Michelin Man says:

    Ellie Edmunds Bryony Thomas

  18. Archie Blake says:

    Jack Harlowe

  19. William Giffin says:

    Thai Nesta Silvera

  20. Rhiannon Walker says:

    Susan Spud Natasha Waddell Daniel Purvey

  21. Matt Young says:

    Martin Garrett

  22. Stacey Harris says:

    Matthew Congdon

  23. Lewis Endacott says:

    Kieron Lavalleé Lewis Phillips Jack Potter Callum Shillabeer give her a wee read

  24. Tom Jennings says:

    Are they letting people under the train bridge to get to tesco’s this year? Last year was a nightmare

  25. Harry Bean says:

    Dave Arnold

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