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Camp Bestival baby with headphones

We’ve always had a soft spot for Camp Bestival – despite not fitting the target demographic for which the event is most famous. That is to say, we’re not the proud parents of 2.2 five-to-seven year-olds.

We are, however, of the right sort of age to appreciate the heavily 90’s-led line-ups. And it’s always great to think that this early exposure to live music might help create new generations of fans – and, of course, new generations of musicians.

It’s not been plain sailing over recent years for the good ship Bestival though – with financial woes seeing it change hands several times, and leaving numerous artists and contractors (not to mention the local police force) significantly out of pocket.

And although Camp Bestival is back, there’s no sign yet of a return for its bigger and noisier older brother.

So what does a post-lockdown Camp Bestival look like?

Well, on the surface little has changed… the site layout is pretty much as it was a few years ago, and everything seems pretty much back to normal.

That said, however, there does seem to have been a decision made to reduce the number of live acts quite considerably. From the perspective of the kids this probably doesn’t pose much of an issue, but it does mean that there are long gaps between being able to lap up the live music we’ve been so craving for so long.

On the plus side this does mean fewer stage clashes!

Camp Bestival isn’t about breaking new bands – it’s a time for old favourites to resurface. So we were happy to slide back into festival gear with the familiar rather than hoping to find the next big thing. Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Tankus the Henge, and Duke Special (the rich-man’s Ben Folds) sated our need for cool, quirky, and left field performances. And the likes of Reef, Space, The Selector,  Level 42, Fatboy Slim, and Groove Armada ensured that the ticket price offered good value for money for those of a certain age.

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