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Camp at Reading and let Pink Moon Camping do all the work πŸ€—…

Camp at Reading and let Pink Moon Camping do all the work πŸ€—

Packages include access to hot showers, toilets, pamper parlour and so much more! Info here: po.st/ReadPinkMoon



25 Responses

  1. Karolin Huxdorff says:

    Carlem Valdez Stan Harris vai preparando a barraca aΓ­ πŸ™ˆβ€

  2. Josh Holmes says:

    Hannah Campbell

  3. Riki Aitkin says:

    Sooooo, go to a festival and don’t enjoy the festival experience for even more money? Good call.

  4. Clement Vernezoul says:

    Guillaume Vlt on va Γͺtre bien

  5. Liam York says:

    Jack Bundy

  6. Fraser Kerr says:

    I’m guessing you’d prefer this Callum Kerr

  7. Karen Brown says:

    Annette O Brien

  8. Nugget Harps says:

    And last year they had to take down the tents what’s the point when you can’t even have a fire πŸ”₯ never see them socialise

  9. Molly Watson-Phillips says:

    Robyn Stening

  10. Luke Upson says:

    Kelly Upson

  11. Kelly Upson says:

    We need to get booking Luke Upson xxx

  12. Jodie Brashaw says:

    Deklan Emma oh posh camping

  13. Jean-Baptiste Raitiere says:

    Maxime Graciet Dorian Esteinou Marti Etchegoyhen non????

  14. Joe Dobos says:

    Lucas Gross what we could have had 😏😏

  15. Rhi Rhi Allyson says:

    Carla Smith?

  16. Charlotte Smith says:

    Josie Hutcheon Elysia Yard Thomas Hall

  17. Djorgie Tombal says:

    can’t wait to stay here <3 Mischa Tombal

  18. Jasmine Griffiths says:

    Chase Rex

  19. Emily Louisa Dunham says:

    Ben Randall pls 😭😭

  20. Sean Richards says:

    Stevie-Faye Chapman?????

  21. Harry Dillaway says:

    Hannah Rawlings

  22. Jordan Upshall says:

    Jono Wheatley i want this

  23. Jade Louise Bartlett says:

    Rosie Lee if only

  24. David Harris says:

    Anastasia Hancock

  25. George Brimble says:

    Annie Grant

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