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Brighton Pride news: Being Transgender, 2017, Horizon – BBC Two

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Latest update from Brighton Pride:

Being Transgender, 2017, Horizon – BBC Two

What it means to be transgender and what happens when a person transitions.

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3 Responses

  1. Yeah. This was really good!
    We get to see Marci cut out testicles and make a fanny!! 😡
    That’s what Trans is about, isn’t it? The “operation!”
    Systemic abuse in education. Bullying, isolation, dead naming, mis gendering, nothing!!!
    Systemic abuse in prisons, nothing!!!
    Systemic abuse in the NHS, nothing!!
    Systemic abuse in employment, nothing!!
    Systemic abuse by the tabloid media, nothing!!
    The perpetual emphasis on the binary nature of being Trans!
    All the ills will be “fixed” with hormones, a new face, or voice!
    If we work at it, we might “pass.”
    Yet another sop to the cis world to make them feel better about themselves.
    And let’s not even mention the Anti Trans Bigots (not TERF’s, they’re just plain Bigots) and how they will Twitter this until they get off!!!😡
    When will transpeople finally figure it out that the media use us to make money!! Nothing else!!
    They are NOT on our side!!
    Rant concluded!!😡😡😡

  2. I have recorded last night save into DVD disc wow I see more open show real life operation that I am getting that operation soon X ❤

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