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Bloodstock Festival news: BRIAN BLESSED – Interview Bloodstock TV 2021

Latest update from Bloodstock Festival

The MIGHTY Brian Blessed talking to Bloodstock TV at #BOA21 🔥 https://youtu.be/cYWnPpl0S3o

BRIAN BLESSED – Interview Bloodstock TV 2021

Bloodstock Festival


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  1. Graeme Carruthers says:

    Talking to or talking at? 😀

  2. Dakk Gandy says:

    Will you be moving away from See Tickets as a retailer for your tickets? Absolutely scummy company who haven’t held up their end after Bloodstock confirmed our rollover. ZERO chance of getting to speak to anyone from SeeTickets and they’ve now helped themselves to money out of our account AND overcharged us for a Bloodstock ticket we didn’t order.

    It has been so frustrating trying to get our tickets rolled over to next year and now we’re even more out of pocket with no tickets to show for it. They’re the worst ticket retailer I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with and am now seeking legal action against them,

  3. Mark Daley says:


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