Bill Bailey, Kate Tempest, Milton Jones, Beardyman and even more announced for t…

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Bill Bailey, Kate Tempest, Milton Jones, Beardyman and even more announced for the Alternative Stage and Transgressive Takeover:

Reading Festival is SOLD OUT

Tickets for Leeds Festival available here:



25 Responses

  1. Daniel Chilcott says:

    BILL FUCKING BAILEY! Haven’t seen him since sonisphere in 2011.. Will it be as difficult to get in the comedy tent after the act has started as it was last year though?

  2. Nicolle Brown says:


  3. Nicolle Brown says:

    Rob Prescott

  4. Antony Waterson says:

    frank turner djing. fuck that mate get yaself of main stage. absolutely rocked it last year

  5. Jason MacDonald says:

    Milton Jones!!!!!!! yeeeeessssssssssss!!!!

  6. Rob Prescott says:

    Nicolle Brown That’s an amazing lineup! Probably gonna be impossible to get anywhere near the tent for bill bailey but there are so many awesome names on that list! 😀

  7. Matt Welch says:

    Sarah Penny Mark Whalley

  8. Clive Lomax says:

    Kellie Bata

  9. Christina Shearn says:

    Oh my god is that you Clo Marsh ? :O

  10. Matthew Allen says:

    Jamie Kinman Jo-Anne Louise Hindmarsh Dan Jervis Holly Watkins Joe Sewell bill Bailey at reading!!!

  11. Matthew Allen says:

    Milton jones is

  12. Paulius Daunys says:

    Who even are these?

  13. Kristina Iankova says:

    This for Leeds as well?

  14. Matt Illsley says:

    Lee nelson?

  15. Elizabeth Cornes says:

    Jamie Bartlett-Adams BILL BAILEY

  16. James Birks says:

    Jake Hall

  17. Lisa Finlayson says:

    OMG Billy bailey 😃

  18. Olly Papierowski says:

    Natassia Fox Steve Jewell Rosie Curley Lois Bufton Craig Bufton – Baily

  19. John Hooper says:

    Cath Blackmore

  20. James Kirkwood says:

    Kit Harris the rubberbandits mate

  21. George Shackleton says:

    Beardyman is pukka 🙂

  22. Luke Westen says:

    Call your sold out bluff

  23. Jamie Maudsley says:


  24. Lauren Cld says:

    Sue Denley no sign of Russell yet x

  25. Sarah Streton says:

    Amalie Jeppesen there is more!!!!

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