Bearded Theory news: We are very excited to finally reveal that our 2022 theme is… WE CAN BE HEROES…

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Latest update from Bearded Theory:

We are very excited to finally reveal that our 2022 theme is… WE CAN BE HEROES! 🦸⚡👩‍🎤

This year we want to celebrate all of our heroes, whether that’s a musical icon like Robert Smith or Debbie Harry, a comic book hero from the world of Marvel or DC, a personal or political hero, or even a mix & match of two – let us know your combination ideas in the comments… 👀

Get creative – there’s a pair of weekend tickets on offer for the best dressed – and we’ll see all your ideas at the main stage on Sunday, where we can all be heroes, just for one day!

Spring Gathering



12 Responses

  1. James Lamport says:

    That’s just an excellent theme 💙

  2. Sally Iddon says:

    Rachel Whiley YES!!!! We can be David!!!! Xxx

  3. Samantha Allsopp says:

    Time to get creative!
    Helen Janet Steve Allsopp Jackie Walton

  4. Will Wilson says:

    Dan Davenport

  5. Donna Jane says:

    Michelle Giles … Get thinking what we can dress up as ❤️ x

  6. Verity Hart says:

    Ann Mcgarvey, Alex Kovacs awesome theme!!!

  7. Caroline Blades says:

    My favorite song by Bowie !

  8. Kat Rose says:

    Great! I’ve still got bits of my Anxiety Girl costume from VWFestival 2015 😂

  9. Rachel Rose says:

    Darren Nugent Ryan Nugent Katy Skinner

  10. Dave Painter says:

    Great call. Such a wicked word – heroes – the interpretations are very creative. Now onto my outfit which won’t be a huge cheap chocolate bar.

  11. Jody Pooley says:

    Toni-Marie Foster… who ya gonna go as? Xx

  12. Daniel Stockwell says:

    Hannah Stockwell

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