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Bearded Theory news: Remember the first time you walked through the Bearded Theory gates? Go on it’s …

Latest update from Bearded Theory:

Remember the first time you walked through the Bearded Theory gates? Go on it’s payday, treat yourself to a cheeky ticket for next May. https://bit.ly/BeardedTheoryFB 📸 Pete Connor

Spring Gathering


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10 Responses

  1. David Piddock says:

    Yes with Mo Collins after a stressful drive

  2. Gail Dixon says:

    Yep 2013, first ever festival, got my money stolen, did it put me off no, been every year since, apart from lock down

  3. Ruth Jeffries says:

    Yeah it was the year of the steps!!!!!!🤪 Far less stressful nowadays!!! ✌️

  4. Helen Bamford says:

    The best feeling ever….so very welcoming before we even reached the gates ❤️❤️ can’t wait to be back x

  5. Andie Harrington says:

    Remember it well…May 2010.
    First long weekend away with my now husband.
    After 2 years away it’s going to be the best festival ever and we’ll be back in our happy place.
    Fantastic line up and the friendliest bunch of festi fun people. ❤️

  6. Mark Whyte says:

    Never been. A regular at Beautiful Days but next BT is my first. Really looking forward to it.

  7. Nicholas Holmes says:

    Never done so yet! Looking forward to it next year 😎👍🏻

  8. Mandy Needham says:

    I’m not working this year, so I’m looking forward to watching all the bands I like and being able to lie in every morning. Can someone sell me a program please!

  9. Pauline Bronte Jones says:

    will be our first time next year!!
    Soo many epic fests…. need to try them all!!!🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

  10. Dan Ster says:

    CAN NOT WAIT !!!!!!!!

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