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Barclaycard BST festival news : We’re back with a MASSIVE headliner for 2022 – the incomparable Elton John!…

We’re back with a MASSIVE headliner for 2022 - the incomparable Elton John!...

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BST Hyde Park


We’re back with a MASSIVE headliner for 2022 – the incomparable Elton John!

The Rocketman returns to BST Hyde Park, Friday 24th June 2022 for the London date of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road: The Final Tour.

🌳 American Express Cardmembers get first access to tickets with the Amex presale which starts at 10am via bit.ly/amexpresale

🌳 Fans who pre-order Elton’s new album from his official store at eltonjohn.com before midnight on Sunday will receive access to pre-sale tickets for BST from Monday 6th to 8th September & will have access to guaranteed tickets for the show during this pre-sale window.

🌳 Tickets go on general sale Friday 10th September at 10am!


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44 Responses

  1. Oni Ka says:

    Alexandra von Rex das wäre ja mal was für die Planung 😉

  2. Louise Buch Panton says:

    Det vil jeg godt med til søs Caroline 😘👏👏🙌🙌⭐️

  3. Emma Blamey says:

    An other final tour ? Elton will never stop

  4. Emily Cannell says:

    Harri Vivian did you book tickets for him in the end or did we have a conversation wishing we had?

  5. Laura King says:

    How much are tickets?

  6. Mark Puplett says:

    seen him in hyde park before was very average and does very long drawn out versions of his songs .. love a bit of elton but does need to retire now

  7. Stacey McCann says:

    I say yes to this. I say yes to as many Elton John concerts as we can JJ Jenkiins

  8. Troy Kelso says:

    Luke Beat London plans for June next year

  9. Pete Mills says:

    Diamond tickets acquired! See you on the 7th November and again on the 24th June 😎

  10. Susanne Juul Morris says:

    Dorthe Juul se lige her 😊

  11. Mark Sparky Cording says:

    If tickets sell out fast get a picnic and sit on the outside of it

  12. Dean Beynon says:

    Paul Coates work trip to London on the cards! More farewell tours than Glasshouse

  13. Sylvester Mannion says:

    Where there and we won’t be getting a taxi from there ok just before you start asking for one.

  14. Leanne Silk says:

    Clashes with rescheduled rescheduled Green Day gig 😤

  15. Fahd Korambayil says:

    Is the amex presale available to amex cards issued by financial institutions other than amex?

  16. Lesley Wright says:

    How many farewell concerts is that now ? 🤣🤣

  17. Mark Collard says:

    Elton must be worth a few bob,how about some free gigs ,to say thanks for the fans who supported him over decades🤣

  18. Linz Ann says:

    What price are tickets going for??

  19. Gillian Thompson says:

    I saw him about 3 years ago at Ewood Park where the Rovers play in Blackburn. Your Great uncle Fred was a Rovers fan.

  20. Danny Haywood says:

    More finals than Phil Taylor 🎯

  21. Ida Kwint Werkman says:

    Nou Mary Vd Berg Pekelaer .. bekend terrein voor jou … dus.. weer het vliegtuig in ? 😜😜🥳

  22. Naftascha Burger says:

    In Nederland gezien. Topconcert. Maar hij is al lang afscheid aan het nemen

  23. Mandy Cataldi says:

    We got tickets for Vancouver

  24. Simon Smith says:

    How many final tours has he done now?

  25. Pecky Victor says:

    Who needs ticket?I won’t be able to make it to the event 🥺

  26. David Ball says:

    The final, farewell, last ever, no more tour lol

  27. Shelly Greenwood says:

    That’s my 40th. I was actually going to ask either you or Nat to babysit for the day as we have a wedding that day. I would have loved to go on this x

  28. Neil Scott says:

    Ill wait for his next farewell tour i think

  29. Kev Swan says:

    It’s Hyde park it won’t sell out

  30. Kerry Marchbank says:

    BST Hyde Park pre ordered the album and haven’t received my code for presale, what do I do please?

  31. Cat Jamieson says:

    Whoop got early bird tickets this morning 🙌🙌

  32. Steve Bennett says:

    Thank god, a great singer in his day but he’s not very good now. Shame McCartney isn’t joining him. 😁 Simples

  33. Robbie McLaren says:

    How many final tours is the geeza having?

  34. Laura June Goff says:

    Sacha Lowe I’m booking myself a ticket on 10th just going to go jam 🤣🤣 with my fellow elton fans 🤣🤣🤣🤣 don’t no how much the tickets are tho ha

  35. Colin Jackson says:

    I saw Elton at Brighton last year one of the best concerts I have seen it be hard to beat

  36. Leighton Johnson says:

    Kevin Joseph is going to them all 😍

  37. Justin Petre says:

    No I can get tickets for anfield Liverpool

  38. Helen Mitchell says:

    We’ve got our tickets, can’t wait.

  39. Sammy Chandler says:

    Does anybody know how much the V.I.P tickets are please xxxx

  40. Chris Ould says:

    He better be coming back to New Zealand to finish his tour here off!!!

  41. Angie Iles says:

    Why is this 2 weeks before the others you usually do 2 weekends in s row

  42. Jo Mcphee says:

    Oh yes!!! Can’t wait 🎶

  43. Diane Walsham Lewis says:

    Any pearls of wisdom on how to get tickets for 24 June?

  44. Bruce Junior says:

    I have a ticket for sell

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