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⚡️// Can you pick just one?




27 Responses

  1. Rob Treanor says:

    The Pecan Tree by Deafheaven

  2. Ben Woodcock says:

    Sigur ros () track 8

  3. Dan Dew says:

    Good morning captain

  4. Stijn Koot says:

    Cult of Luna – Dark City, Dead Man

  5. Alice Harper says:

    Conjurer – Cracks in the Pyre

  6. A man a plan a canal panama

  7. James Park says:

    Gorillaz – Souk Eye or Everything Everything – Violent Sun

  8. Matt Buckley says:

    Cult of Luna – Cygnus

  9. Agnes Tueske says:

    Karnivool – Change 🖤

  10. Dillinger Escape Plan – Mouth of Ghosts

  11. John Murphy says:

    Real big sky- Emma Ruth Rundle

  12. Simon Kelsey says:

    No contest, The Silence by Manchester Orchestra

  13. Alex Stynes says:

    Opeth – Blackwater Park

  14. Hope … Devil sold his soul

  15. Nope.
    But I’ll go for the best end sequence; the last four songs on Dredg’s live album ‘Live at the Fillmore’. Magnificent.

  16. Kyle Lewis says:

    Ornament/Last Wrongs by Oceansize 100% Hadley Keenan

  17. Davin Strain says:

    Everyone is dressed up by American Football

  18. Anathema – Internal Landscape

  19. Mike Tait says:

    Primitive Future, Sepultura. (Damn I’m old)

  20. Butterfly – Weezer

    It brings the perfect resolution to the intense angry mess that is pinkerton

  21. Ruben Fuchs says:

    There is only one (also really good to kick everyone out of a pub): Nine Inch Nails – The Background World 😍

  22. Providence by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

  23. Brutus – Sugar Dragon
    RATM – Freedom

  24. Joe Smith says:

    Your fingers, if you close them with tools, or anything too heavy you might break the CD or vinyl

  25. Aiden Ramsey says:

    From the same album as my favourite opener:

    Stay Positive from Original Pirate Material

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