Announced last night on Daniel P. Carter’s show, While She Sleeps will join The …

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Announced last night on Daniel P. Carter’s show, While She Sleeps will join The Pit Stage line-up on Saturday 23rd August at Reading.

Also performing will be Of Mice & Men ARCHITECTS, ISSUES, We Came As Romans, Marmozets, Crosses †††, WOVENWAR, Basement, Brutality Will Prevail, Lesser Key, Empress AD,The Hell and Beasts.



25 Responses

  1. Luke Francis says:

    Ryan Maher

  2. Zoe Coleman says:

    Kelly Porteous

  3. Dylan Whitty says:

    Arron Brown

  4. Jay Bennett says:

    Holy shit can’t wait

  5. Jordan Farmer says:

    Ben Weston whilebensleeps are playing.

  6. Jay Bennett says:

    Joe look

  7. Kiera Leigh says:

    Niyanee Poonput another one to the list 😁

  8. Isaac Margrove says:

    Ohhhhh yeaaaa Barney Bk Kelly

  9. George Evans says:

    Vlad Vladimirovich

  10. Daniel Chilcott says:

    Again? How many repeat bands do you want?!

  11. Abi Howard says:

    Abbie Unwin?!?! eeeeek!

  12. Elizabeth Seal says:

    Jamie Campbell

  13. Shann Randall says:


  14. Raegan Brady-Vaas says:

    Dylan O’Regan

  15. Sam Bardell says:

    Georgia Anne Davidson

  16. Hannah Gumbrill says:

    Can we go see them again Frances?!?! Pretty please 😀 xx

  17. Holly Watkins says:

    Jamie Kinman reading just got a whole lot better!

  18. Dylan O'Regan says:

    Raegan Brady-Vaas it’s like warped tour!

  19. Ashley McCarthy says:

    Fucking bossmen!

  20. Cheyenne Minnie Sheila Ferry says:

    Pablo Medellin!

  21. Rhys Morrow says:

    This is the best news ever! Favourite metal band! When I met Loz at Impericon Fest😏

  22. Eleonora Spada says:


  23. Tyra Irvine says:

    I wanna go for omam & architects and now WSS

  24. Ceri Lewys Craddock says:

    Michael Eley PT

  25. Ceri Lewys Craddock says:

    Alex Baker Sam Davies

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