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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Liam Gallagher – Wonderwall – live Leeds Festival 2017

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Liam Gallagher – Wonderwall – live Leeds Festival 2017


24 Responses

  1. Charlie 24 says:

    "But I don't speak yorkshireishhh."

  2. Jum3 sixT says:

    But i dont speak yorkshire-ish

  3. Nothing Here says:

    what the hell with all those fucking cellphones??

  4. Mark Shears says:

    Glad to have finally seen liam live

  5. .
    One of the world's favourite songs…

  6. You can hear me singing in the background

  7. John Kelly says:

    fucking naild it with a 2 ton fucking hammer LG X

  8. MrSixiesRock says:

    Cello makes it so much better, Needs actual drumming now

  9. Kacu says:

    it was so much fucking pleasure to be there for LG as you were x

  10. I was there, and Oh my fucking god, r kid smashed the performance, was right at the front. Was unbelievable. Live Forever LG x

  11. Dan B says:

    As seeing people singing in the crowd, it's like if I realise now how that song is just fucking bigger than nature…more than a song, more than a hit of 1995. This song is now a timeless hymn which will be sing by the new generation and generations to follow. And yeah, in two word: Fucking Biblical ! Godbless Noel & Liam.

  12. Gaj says:

    Always a gamble which Liam you'll get, they got lucky. Dunno why those brothers always argue either, life is too short and everything is meaningless, might as well just enjoy life.

  13. That was absolutely beautiful man

  14. Dave M says:

    Fuckin Pummeled that place. LEGEND

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