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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Celebrating Jon Lord – The Rock Legend "Perfect Strangers" Feat. Deep Purple

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FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Celebrating Jon Lord – The Rock Legend "Perfect Strangers" Feat. Deep Purple

Order now: 2CD The Rock Legend: http://smarturl.it/cjl_rocker_cd | CD The Composer: http://smarturl.it/cjl_composer_cd | DVD: http://smarturl.it/CJL_2DVD | Blu-ray: http://smarturl.it/CJL_BR | Box-Set: http://smarturl.it/CJL_Box

On April 4, 2014, some of the best-loved musicians in the world assembled at the Royal Albert Hall to pay tribute to one of the most-missed musicians of them all: Jon Lord. “Celebrating Jon Lord” will be released as 1CD – The Composer, 2CD – The Rock Legend, 2DVD, Blu-ray, Box Set and Download on September 26th, 2014 on earMUSIC.
All product configurations feature individual cover artworks.

The Box Set features – besides the Blu-ray, 1CD The Composer and 2CD The Rock Legend – an exclusive T-shirt, a two-sided reproduction of an excerpt of Jon Lord’s original, handwritten music score for “Sarabande” – signed by Paul Mann as well as a 20 page reproduction of the evening’s original show program.
On top and as a real collector’s item, the box set also includes two very special 7-inch vinyls: the first featuring the hypnotic live version of Deep Purple’s classic “You Keep On Moving” with Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Micky Moody and on the B-side “Soldier Of Fortune”, both taken from the 2CD – The Rock Legend.
The second 7-inch vinyl stands in the tradition of Deep Purple as it includes the band’s touching live version of “Above And Beyond” originally from the no 1 album “NOW What?!” and here included in the magic Sunflower Jam 2014 live performance – a song dedicated to and inspired by Jon Lord. The B-side is dedicated to Lord‘s “Fantasia”.

Divided in two parts – the first focused on the classical music compositions, so dear to Jon Lord, and the second featuring a crescendo of emotions going through some of his highlights as a rock musician – the concert gave fans a chance to relive Jon Lord’s remarkable and extensive musical career, remembering music from Paice, Ashton Lord, Deep Purple, his later classical compositions and everything in between – all in aid for the charity organization The Sunflower Jam.
The 83-piece Orion Orchestra performed, conducted by Paul Mann and accompanied by artists and artists such as Deep Purple, Paul Weller, Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Rick Wakeman, Rick Wakeman, Miller Anderson, Steve Balsamo and many, many more.

1CD – The Composer
01. Fantasia from Sarabande
02. Durham Awakes from Durham Concerto
03. All Those Years Ago (with Steve Balsamo and Micky Moody)
04. Pictured Within (with Miller Anderson)
05. Sarabande from Sarabande (with Rick Wakeman)
06. One From The Meadow (with Margo Buchanan)
07. Bourrée from Sarabande
08. Afterwards (with Jeremy Irons and Paul Mann)

Go to playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOmUKmHMjS3tBLa85irFR7QE3QEkAU2o_

2CD – The Rock Legend
01. Things Get Better (feat. Paul Weller)
02. I Take What I Want (feat. Paul Weller and Micky Moody)
03. Silas and Jerome (feat. Phil Campbell from The Temperance Movement, Ian Paice and Bernie Marsden)
04. I’m Gonna Stop Drinking (feat. Phil Campbell from The Temperance Movement, Ian Paice and Bernie Marsden)
05. Soldier of Fortune (feat. Steve Balsamo, Sandi Thom and Micky Moody)
06. You Keep On Moving (feat. Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Micky Moody)
07. Burn (feat. Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Rick Wakeman)
08. This Time Around (feat. Glenn Hughes)

Go to playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOmUKmHMjS3uEBQwR_oXHeJWzuXSZiGde

CD2 Deep Purple celebrating Jon Lord
1. Uncommon Man
2. Above And Beyond
3. Lazy
4. When A Blind Man Cries
5. Perfect Strangers
6. Black Night
7. Hush (feat. Bruce Dickinson, Rick Wakeman, Phil Campbell, Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody)

Go to playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOmUKmHMjS3viPCUdvZpB-Mu-S0ZtL-9u

DVD and Blu-ray includes the above tracks as well as an over 60 minute documentary “Two Worlds”.

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47 Responses

  1. get rid of Morse,bring Richie back

  2. Nelson 3D says:

    Ian Gillan couldnt keep from sayng"oh my God" two or three times. Emotions……

  3. Sergio Meli says:

    Deep Purple for ever!!!! Wonderful live version! This is meal for my soul!

  4. Melhor música do rock roll

  5. Ian Oliver says:

    I grew up with Deep Purple and they're still sounding as awesome today as they did in the 70s – magnificent band!!

  6. Jon Lord ,and Ray manzarek seen em both in concert the DUDES !

  7. They did a nice job with with the Royal Albert Hall Symphonic Orchestra. They allowed enough room for the orchestra to bring out its talent.

  8. Perfect Strangers is a song of a perfect intro!

  9. This song Perfect Stranger fits perfectly with the orchestra back up.

  10. The best live version of Perfect Strangers ever.

    It's so great to see people creating such beautiful music as opposed to watching a bunch of thugs burning things to the ground.

    This is what they're trying to destroy.


  11. arnisdaddy says:

    On videos like this I wish YouTube would allow me to just sit here and hit the "Like" button over and over whilst the song plays! This is awesome. Deep purple is an integral part of my teen years and now at 58 I am so glad to be able to see this and remember the days. Thanks to Jon Lord and all the purpleites who made my youth so much better.

  12. Thomas Lasch says:

    Very NICE! The orchestra really captured the ominous and doomy nature of this song.

  13. Juha Siltala says:

    After that, everybody might as well go home. Unbelievable.

  14. Perfect strangers reminds me of smoking weed with my older brother when I was13 years old before it was legal. This was in early 80s. I’m 50 now and cherish those moments with my older brother.

  15. Purple é foda p kralho


  17. Going to show my age here. I bought this cassette "Perfect Strangers". Played it in car, with auto-reverse cassette player, and in 3 months, wore that tspe out! AWESOME with the full orchestra. Totally Awesome!!! See, I'm from the 80's. Rock on, the true colors of metal, Deep Purple!!

  18. alegrís says:

    Kashmir's counterpart. Saving time and distance

  19. Now that was epic!!!!

  20. FU ALL 268 (17.05.2020.) WHO PUT DISLIKES!

  21. Doug Yates says:

    Sir Elton John, my ass!

  22. 日本語ですみません。
    オーケストラの入った"Perfect Strangers" !!

  23. Michael V says:

    Their best song, in my opinion

  24. Doug Yates says:

    And this, boys and girls, IS Rock n' Roll at it's best! I love this song, do Rock on. Peace ya'll.

  25. Perle Pinpin says:

    Ian , Perfect💕we are Fantastic🤩and here a beautiful Man, Older greatest , younger Man, yes and no🥰Hairs no so good (Child in time)year🎶😜

  26. Angel Cano says:

    Los mejores y no han tenido sucesor.

  27. J-Dog says:

    I really am starting to enjoy Steve Morse more than Ritchie. Sorry to all of you so called Purple fans that don't appreciate Steve…I do!

  28. 261(all) dislikes are from the people who use autotune..

  29. If you wan´t Rock&Roll , you´ve got it

  30. Tiziano G. says:

    Don Airey is very good but Jon Lord was THE BEST of the story of rock

  31. Siempre chingones sin duda alguna gracias por compartir saludos

  32. Deep purple and Beethoven that's the best connection on the world

  33. Meek's symphonic orchestra with Deep Purple

  34. I've seen Purple at Palazzo dello Sport in Roma for two times and this song was the most high moment of both concerts!

  35. Chorei ao ouvir esse som. Putz quem sabe. Sabe

  36. nyguney says:

    deep purple is one of the best with no doubt but brain heart and ears look for Ritchie the living god of guitar

  37. Después de 40 años el Sr. Guillan canta de escándalo.

  38. Сотворение мира проходило под эту музыку😇😇😇

  39. Totally awesome!! 🤘🔥❤

  40. Т. Т says:

    The big big LEGEND!!! forever!🎸👑🤘

  41. Steve Smith says:

    Holy shit! Sounds good…I am mesmerized by top level musicians and am so jealous! What a gift they have to move some many people!

  42. Perle Pinpin says:

    In Memories Jon Lord💥Symphonie, yes but I’m No Really like, « PERFECT STRANGERS »🥰wouah, IAN Wonderful, so Perfect for the GREAT SONG🎶💥Voice, music, my God, oh my god💕lové thé Song, Respect IAN💋

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