FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Boom Festival 2018 – Day 5

It’s not just about pink unicorns: a Boomer sees his premonition come to life; we speak to the Dance Temple divas; and the psy trance tribe go wild to Ethiopian Jazz at the Dance Temple. Wanna know more? Then make yourself a Chai, get comfortable and read about Day Five at Boom in the Daily Diaries!



11 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Boom Festival 2018 – Day 5

  1. Hipp-hippy hurey. Clothes, look, hindu cover decoration, yoga and so on. It should be associate with some underground culture. I used to entertain myself in these festivals. Now they seem to me very pretentious and pseudo spiritual as if there is a claim to openness but the truth is that the cultural code in such community should be observed. I assume the change in mood and spirit without taking drugs.

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