FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Boom Festival 2018 – Day 2

The opening ceremony of the Dance Temple is a milestone at every Boom. On Day 2 of Boom 2018, we had that, and much more…



30 thoughts on “FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS: Boom Festival 2018 – Day 2

  1. My opinion: you should go at least once in a lifetime to Boom. We went this year.
    Such an amazing festival but…I´m not going anymore.
    Nor again.
    The reason ? Commercial music 🙁

    Music in the Alchemy Circle: 9,5
    Music in the Chill Out: 7,5
    Music in the Dance temple: 3,5 (except only few nights, some fine dark djs)

  2. Really, they give me a lot of grief, you Europeans do not know what magic and trances are, you try to hide that monotonous and boring life that you lead with parties filled with falsehippies. In Latin America we breathe magic, life is as enchanted. we do not need parties that help us to evade our reality, because here we do not evade it here we hypnotize it, fantasy and spirituality walk by our side whether we know it or not.
    jajajajajaja Europeans stupid believing their lies, Europe really sorry for your young people, lacking irrationality

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