YNOT festival news : It’s nearly headliner time…

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Y Not Festival


It’s nearly headliner time…


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2 days ago

Y Not Festival

Some exciting 2020 headliners on the horizon 👀 ... See MoreSee Less

Some exciting 2020 headliners on the horizon 👀


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You said this last year and it wasn’t that impressive 
I’ll be there whatever but pull a goodun out the bag this time

Bet there isn’t. Line ups been shit for years now.

Idles were mint even though it was pissing it down

For first time I’ll wait for line up before deciding...can see it going same way as VFestival.

Line ups been shit since the year snoop dog played


Oliver Steadman .... could we possibly do this as well as boardmasters?


Get Liam Gallagher booked ... and their Noel!

On the horizon is that a big clue 👍

Already got tickets but make sure it's an amazing line up 👍👋🍺🎵

Will it actually tho. 🤔👀

David Bowie ? The doors? Queen?

Rebecca Ashley, Amie Allin Darren Williamson Isabella Reeves Eliza Abbotts......... wonder just how exciting they are xx

Good fun though all the same

Bring me the horizon?

I’m headlining

Martin Stock Becky Matthews Tim Priest xx

Mary Commons we doing it? X

Alice Moult Paul Tolley Lee Taylor we doing diss?

Horizon? 🤔

Amy Metcalfe can’t wait!

Can't wait 😁

If you said The Struts, I'd be impressed 🌍 those lads are world class 🤩💥😉


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5 days ago

Y Not Festival


We've been shortlisted for best Medium Festival 😍 Vote for us and comment below - and one you lucky lot will receive FREE tickets to Y Not 2020.

... See MoreSee Less


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Voted&excl; Good luck&excl; I hope you get it&excl; <3

Done x

Voted&period;Hope the weathers better next year &colon;&rpar;

Voted you guys&period; Hope you get it&comma; best festival going&excl;&excl;&excl;&excl;

Voted&comma; Your definately the best festival by a long shot&excl;

Done x all the luck in the fields x

Done&period; In the bag&period;😃

Done&period;&period;&period; 2019 wasn't a vintage year &lpar;some great acts&comma; some bad organisation&comma; and a sprinkling of the usual YNOT weather&rpar;&comma; however I hope the festival returns to it's roots for 2020&period; SMALL&comma; FRESH&comma; LOUD&period;

Will the free winning tickets actually arrive before the festival&period;&period;&period;&period;&period;

Voted 🗳 good luck to you &lpar; and me&excl; &rpar; 👍😁

Worst festival we'd been to in 5 years&comma; think I'll pass 👀

Done &lpar;even though you let Maccies & Papa John's in this year - make 2020 independent please&excl;&rpar;&NewLine;Good luck 🤞

Done&comma; good luck🤗

Done&excl; Fingers crossed&excl;

Voted good luck and see you next year

Done&excl; My favourite festival&period; Good luck&period;

Done Good luck&excl;

Done &excl;

Voted&excl; Is there a shareable link to the survey&quest;

I voted for you&excl; Had the best time in 2018 and hoping to come back&period; Incredible memories&comma; thank you ❤🤗&NewLine;Good luck&excl;&excl; 🤞🤞

Done&period; Good luck&period;

Voted&period; Good luck YNOT&excl;

Done 🤞🏻

Done&excl; Good luck guys&comma; you deserve it so much&excl; 🤞💖 x

Voted&excl;&excl; Good luck 😉 xx

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