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Reading Festival is SOLD OUT! …

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Reading Festival is SOLD OUT! …

Reading Festival is SOLD OUT!

If you missed out, you can see the same line up, over the same weekend at Leeds Festival !



25 Responses

  1. Jamie Blinkhorne says:


  2. Ciaran Mangan says:

    Alex ‘Vinny’ Nye

  3. Ben Woodbine says:


  4. Alice Hotston Moore says:

    Oliver Hines sorry mate

  5. Liam Hattee says:

    Lukáš did you buy?? Muhammad

  6. Becky Elia says:

    Danny Michael Allen wow all sold xx

  7. Karen Ashford says:

    Jamie Seward!!!!! You snooze you lose 😐😐

  8. Alice Cambridge says:

    Fiona Hobday

  9. Joe Rees says:

    Alex Hoskins……

  10. Fayy Hutchinson says:

    Chris Cook

  11. Gemma Harrison says:

    Julie Wilkinson Rebecca Rogers John Harrison 😮

  12. Lewis North says:

    Christian Potter about that Sunday HAHAHAHS

  13. Carys Anderson-Jones says:

    Abbey Hill

  14. Georgie Killen says:

    Emily Rose Hannah Mogford – oooft😏

  15. Matt Budd says:

    Jim Benwell got yours?!

  16. Jade Maddocks says:

    Aimee J Lloyd omg!!!!!!

  17. Jake Willams says:

    Jack Oldham see

  18. Danielle Boyne says:

    Christøpher we safe 😊

  19. Ella Hargreaves says:

    We got them just in time Hollie

  20. Becca Jane Moore says:

    Emily Kilbane

  21. Andrew Davis says:

    Joe Samuel mate…

  22. John Albert Price says:

    Nicole Hewitt I’m devastated

  23. Bernice Roxburgh says:

    Ellen Finlay wooooo!

  24. Shannon Whittaker says:

    Becky’Joy Cunningham

  25. Sascha Morgan says:

    Surprised it sold out with it being such a crap line up 🤔

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