Fancy winning a piece of Indietracks history?...

Indietracks news : Fancy winning a piece of Indietracks history?…

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2 months ago


Bands, artists and DJs! You've got until 5pm on Sunday to apply to play at this year's Indietracks! More info at: ... See MoreSee Less

Bands, artists and DJs! Youve got until 5pm on Sunday to apply to play at this years Indietracks! More info at:


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Dan Green Nasal Plasticine needs a revival

Lawrence English get in there

Les Bicyclettes?

Purple Heart Parade

Luke Hallam

Varg Norseman Katie Jones 😍

Aaron Starkie- nice little festival with a nice vibe 😉

Jan Robertson did you apply us already? X

Emmi Manteau you guys should apply for this!

Johnny Vincent

Ashley Gordon


Liam Broughton

Cannon Bone

Leone Vuetivavalagi - can u apply? X

Daniella x

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5 months ago


Exciting team meeting today to start planning next year’s Indietracks! ... See MoreSee Less

Exciting team meeting today to start planning next year’s Indietracks!


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How about a return of Camera Obscura (I see they're also playing a festival gig next year) or failing that Tracy Anne & Danny please?

Yay! A big thank you to all of you for your hard work and providing us all with the best weekend of the year! 💖

It's probably a MASSIVE STRETCH! But Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman will be touring around then playing all of Sweetheart of the Rodeo.

Missed it this year due to giving birth that weekend... excited for who will be playing for baby Bert’s first birthday!

Can I put in a bid for The Essex Green. Their new album is great.

What a lovely bunch of people, no wonder the festival is equally lovely.

Jetstream pony! Fattie cakes and the cream puffs!

Thank you for your hard work. The world of indie pop needs you.

It's time for "Tullycraft" next year

Soft Science getting some nice BBC airplay from Gideon Coe at the moment.

A CERTAIN SMILE should have a new record around then...and we have a TON of frequent flyer miles....just sayin...

also it's would be amazing to see Peel Dream Magazine if they were doing a UK tour at that time.

My first time this year...........I'll be back !!

Trash can Sinatra’s and wolfhounds please

Tallies, Basement Revolver and my annual request for a Field Mice reunion please!

Brix and the extricated on the bill please

Radio Orwell would be a perfect band for indietracks, if you give them a chance

Crazy and the brains!

Martha 😉

You peeps rock !

Orange cider and Simon Love

The chills!

The Clean

Gold Medal Famous

The Bats

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