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The following links should take you to information on how to apply to play at festivals – please let us know if you’d like your event adding or if any of the links are broken or out of date. We would also love to hear from bands who successfully get booked with our help!

Festival slots are like gold dust for bands looking to make the break from the local scene onto the wider circuit, so make the most of every opportunity you get to play in front of a new crowd.

Here’s some tips from the experts on how to stand out from the crowd and make your mark:

1. Hit them between the eyes – fast: most bookers are inundated with enquiries. make sure the first few seconds of everything you send has IMPACT. Don’t send three songs and leave the best to last…send your one killer track and make sure it doesn’t suffer from a long instrumental intro. Get straight to the meat and potatoes.

2. If you have great reviews share them. If you don’t MAKE SOME UP! Everyone loves a funny liar…

3. Are you amazing live but humdrum in the studio? If so get some LIVE VIDEO and push it up people’s noses… remember – festivals are about crown interaction… so learn how to interact.

4. You’re booked!!!! Now the hard work starts… get onto the festival Facebook groups and forums and make lots of friends. Be nice and become part of the event before the gates open. Meeklhy share your content and invite people to come see you play. Build a community and see the dicidends roll in…

5. Play more than just your set… take an acoustic guitar and a cahon along and busk in odd corners until the dawn rises. If your main set is on Sunday you should have played six impromptu sets before then to build a fan-base who wil be aching to see you play plugged in….

6. At least a week before the festival try to find out who is doing your sound. Make friends with them and send them some of your songs plus any little things that might help them make you sound your best. Be quick setting up and don’t expect things to be perfect during the first song. Laugh at any mistakes and try to fix them by song two. TIP – use song one as sacrificial lamb… don’t use up your best amunition here…


(NB – some of these are e-mail links rather than to forms or websites, so just use your imagination about what information they might want)

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