Wotsit Called Fest news: Less than two weeks until WCF2021!…

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Latest update from Wotsit Called Fest:

Less than two weeks until WCF2021!

Here’s some info on times etc for each day

Wotsit Called Fest


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6 Responses

  1. Chris Caulfield says:

    I’ve got a spare weekend ticket if anybody is looking for one?

  2. Christiane Sarah Jenkins says:

    Can’t wait 🔥👌🏼😍

  3. Emma Jane O'Connell says:


  4. Chris Caulfield says:

    Sold my other one now too.

  5. Michael Howe says:

    Have also got 2 spare weekend tickets if anyone would like.

  6. Christopher Wade says:

    Who needs tickets?❤️

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