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WOMAD Festival news: We want to hear your memorable ‘WOMAD Moments’! Which performance from the past 40 years of WOMAD ha…

Latest update from WOMAD Festival

We want to hear your memorable ‘WOMAD Moments’! Which performance from the past 40 years of WOMAD has made a lasting impression on you? Which artist sticks in your mind? Share your memories in the comments (photos are welcome too) and your WOMAD Moment could end up in this year’s printed programme! 🤩🎶🎉

WOMAD Festival



15 Responses

  1. Kat Bird says:

    Sue Ollis I think your memory that you told me is the best.

  2. Marc Todd says:

    The Whirly gig at the Reading Rivermead site early 2000s

  3. Carol M Atherton says:

    So many! Only been 3 times before the Plague!

  4. Nick Evans says:

    Where to start! Kicking off with MEUTE from 2019, amazing! Dub Colossus always delivered (RIP Nick) as did every Peter Gabriel moment. Is it July yet?

  5. Amy-Brett Rhodes says:

    The Manganiyar Seduction! Just the most mind blowingly amazing performance ever with the most incredible atmosphere in the Siam!

  6. Maria Love says:

    Definetly be Womad in Morecambe for me especially early 1990s I remember seeing so many I loved including Geoffrey Oryama, Terem quartet. Also late 90s in Reading seeing Ladysmith black mambazo and Faithless.

  7. Edwina Vega says:

    My first Womad was Womadelaide 1993. I went to see Peter Gabriel and was blown away by everything on offer. It completely changed my life. Afterwards I did a music degree, studied Bulgarian folk singing, did loads of musical projects including singing on the soundtrack to the film Jindabyne. It is still one of the most wonderful weekends of my life. ❤️🎼🎹🥁

  8. Sam Nitz says:

    Hanggai kicked things off a couple of years ago. Great start to the festival.

  9. Julian Harrow says:

    Sufi Women of the Islands, like angels had descended from heaven.

  10. Steve Biddlecombe says:

    Standing between the stage and the mosh pit for Gogol Bordello and getting wine spilled on me by Eugene.

  11. Pauline Elliott says:

    The Manganiyar Seduction …would love to see them again. Mesmerising and utterly brilliant in every way!

  12. Marc Itzler says:

    I seem to remember leaving the tent after watching Ravi Shankar in total stunned silence probably 1996 or 7? And the manganyar seduction will never be forgotten of course, many more I can’t name but remember on the smaller stages.

  13. Mandy Shepherd says:

    Due to health and age I can no longer do womad, but, I’ve done many woman’s, seen some amazing legends, baba mail, angelica kiddo, daka braka, dubioza kolektiv ,balkan beat box, mahotella Queens, Alice Russell,oh so many great performers, I really miss going to Charlton Park.

  14. Justin Freeman says:

    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan following James in the Circus tent in Morecambe and keeping their audience. Davy Spillane in Morecambe, Shooglenifty at Rivermead, Blind Boys of Alabama and Booker T in the Siam and Afro-Celt Sound System from Whirl-y-gig to the Main Stage.

  15. Linzi Bagshaw says:

    So many brilliant memories but the stand out moment for me was Sinead O’Connor at Carlyon Bay. Singing Nothing Compares To You. Just on her own, the stage was completely dark with one white light on her. It was a perfectly still clear night with a massive full moon. It still makes my spine tingle just thinking about it. Superb sound and such a beautiful voice. Eat Static in Caceras,

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