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Wireless Festival news: You asked…and we DELIVERED! Papi’s home! #ChampagnePalace…

Latest update from Wireless Festival

You asked…and we DELIVERED! Papi’s home! 🤩#ChampagnePalace 👑🥂

Wireless Festival


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50 Responses

  1. Siobhan Rose says:

    Maria Irena

  2. Saskia Andrews says:

    Natasha Clark omg

  3. Alex Sikora says:

    Tanats Chinoputsa

  4. Yvonne Miller says:

    Janiah Boyd

  5. Ellese Elliott says:

    Kian Ryall😫😫

  6. Joshua Pascoe says:

    Thomas Clifford don’t cry

  7. Rebecca Jami Kenney says:

    Alice Charlotte McDonnell

  8. Jade Yeow says:

    Kaylee Gibbs

  9. Jennifer Peterson says:

    Hiya Hun,

    I actually have 1-3 tickets as not sure if I’m going but I’m open to offers

  10. Jennifer Peterson says:

    Anyone want Saturday tickets?

  11. Alistair Masawi says:

    Sunday tickets?

  12. Georgina Hooper says:

    Lowri-Rose Hooper

  13. Emma Bambi Farmbrough says:

    Liane Dory Smith 😱😍

  14. Chloe Maybury says:

    Neil Maybury

  15. Shannon Pearce says:

    Jono Boughton

  16. Ellesse Mellett says:

    Chloe Vaughan 🥲

  17. Pip Selhi says:

    Dylan Mukhtar

  18. Beth Grey says:

    Ffion Lynch-jones oh stop it

  19. Lilith Smith says:

    Rob Simpson 😑

  20. Tony Perkins says:


  21. Bryony Williams says:

    Cai Banner devastated

  22. Rosie Sheppard says:

    Faye Smith

  23. Wiktoria Kucharuk says:

    Cameron Murray

  24. Atlanta Stallibrass says:

    Harley Stallibrass!!!

  25. Samra Oum Hani says:

    Hani Rtabi told u, hope ur having the best time ever 🥰 no wonder u not texted me back 😂💙

  26. Hannah Tylisczuk says:

    Kyle Grant Not jealous at all

  27. Keighley Johnson says:

    Jordan Johnson Pryer oh

  28. Julie Wendelboe Jensen says:

    Rikke Rasbøl okay okay okay. Remember?😃

  29. Laura Gibson says:

    Rachel Bulbeck 😭😭😭

  30. Emma Hewitt says:

    Paul Green dreams do come true x

  31. Corina Samuels says:

    Alisha March wtf!!!!!!

  32. Tia Bowler says:

    Kyle Bridges

  33. Andrina Carter says:


  34. Mikayla Hall says:

    Sunnie Hwang but is he coming home to me?

  35. Sofia Khwaja says:

    Tanisha Tish I can’t deal

  36. Zoë Georgina says:

    OMG Elle Pugh

  37. Daisy Hollyoak says:

    Kristina Jorstad pisstake

  38. Max Doyle says:

    Jordan Anderson 😩😩😩😩😩

  39. Meg Cox says:

    Jade Griffiths

  40. Allan Nuvo Franke says:

    Good Job 🙌🏽

  41. Lucy Jones says:

    Nerissa Maitland omg u was right drake is in London!

  42. Ellie Fernandez says:

    Liz Badgery-Gibbens

  43. Nicola Saunders says:

    Jemma Saunders omg🥺

  44. Aaliyah Lennon-banks says:

    Owen Lemin

  45. Chloe Parfitt says:

    Ellie Parfitt

  46. Aziza Bangura says:

    Junior Bangura 😤😤😤😤

  47. Chanice Cane says:

    Tyler Acutt

  48. Emma McCarthy says:

    Olly McCarthy 🤩😩

  49. Karen Vinson says:


  50. Lamar Morgan says:

    Wow him and gunna and thug are the only decent ones 😂

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