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Wilderness Festival news: With planning for 2022 already firmly underway, we’d like to take a moment to hear what we can do to…

Latest update from Wilderness Festival

With planning for 2022 already firmly underway, we’d like to take a moment to hear what we can do to make Wilderness better for you.

In a challenging year for live events we encountered some issues with our facilities on site which we assure you will be resolved for next year. Aside from this, we would love to hear how we can improve your experience next year.

Follow the link to share your feedback in our Wilderness 2021 survey.


Wilderness Festival


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19 Responses

  1. Hannah Hennessy says:

    The toilets were absolutely disgusting 🤮 and when they were hosed down they were still covered in poo so not cleaned properly .
    Loved the rest of wilderness thou.

  2. Devon Bonner-Smith says:

    100% toilets absolutely disgusting, also having the water near them was a rookie mistake 🤢 have water points away from the toilets to make it more hygienic and also just more around the site. Better planning of acts, there were good acts on at the same time which meant we missed some of the acts we wanted to see I.e wilderness orchestra the same time as rudimental

  3. Ross Fisher says:

    Please improve the weather

  4. Charles Coniston says:

    Compost Loos defo! Better showers, real ale and craft beer at all bars, more bands, coffee places in all campsites. Keep the wonderful House of Sublime, the layout, great traders, food, staff and acts.

  5. Amy Monach says:

    Toilets. Been many times before, this year they were WAY worse. Otherwise great 😊

  6. Kellie Mason says:

    Separate car parking for day visitors. My friends and I didn’t camp but still had to go through the whole parking chaos everyday to get on site. Also people on gates weren’t very helpful at all.

  7. Arron Hyatt says:

    Will submit but yes mixed sex toilets, no urinals? For a festival of this quality and price this is way below par and smacks of cost cutting. A day visitor car park would be sensible and reduces the frequency of cars in and out of the main one which no doubt cut up more!

  8. Mark Mcginniss says:

    get rid of festival republic, they ruin good festivals… take the big chill for example!

  9. Lucy AC says:

    Toilets, cold showers for two days, no platforms/walk ways put down for when it became super muddy, better security/queuing for the valley.

  10. Roberto Losito says:

    Cheaper day tickets for locals

  11. Karen Neale says:

    Wilderness FestivalThanks for providing an opportunity to feedback on this years experience. Survey completed ✔️

  12. Elzo Grif says:

    Not sure how you would stop people shitting on the toilet seat but that 1 of many things I would change LOL

  13. Molly Petter says:

    More “magic” around the festival for kids, more decorations, people dressed up etc.. kids tent was great this year though

  14. Skye Meredith says:

    The last time I went to Wilderness before this year was about 6 years ago. It was absolutely exquisite: every stall, venue and food place completely unique. I remember being served breakfast croissants by a beautiful ‘wench’ in a gypsy caravan, watching a medley of pirates telling a fantastic tale with violins and singing, lying in the canopy and stars tent whilst people made garlands of flowers and told stories….then there was an amazing spectacle right at the end.
    Everything was so unusual, like entering a parallel, magical universe. It was my favourite festival and I was so excited to come back….
    I did have a really fun time this year but the magic has gone. Whilst I still love the estate and think it holds a festival beautifully, Wilderness this year was distinctly more like an average festival than it used to be. Such a shame! Though I was very glad the cricket and commentators were as funny as ever.

  15. Nichola Perrin says:

    Definitely some bitter or craft ales for my husband please ! We’re all booked 🙌

  16. Charlotte Isabella Lamb says:

    Great to hear you’re listening to feedback 🥰

  17. Nicola Mcintyre says:

    The music in the valley was awful. I never spoke to anyone who thought it was ok. A lot left early. Everything else great.

  18. Sharon Chappell says:

    This feedback on toilets is enough to stop me coming next year 🤮. Thats just basics

  19. Greta Zoe says:

    You need amuck better zero waste policy. Recycling and compost on-site everywhere and a push to reduce the waste left when people leave the festival. Coming fromNew Zealand, my friends and I were absolutely shocked these things weren’t in place.

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