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We are FSTVL news: We’ve got 4 X VIP UPGRADES up for grabs!! Tell us your spooky stage name in the…

Latest update from We are FSTVL

We’ve got 4 X VIP UPGRADES up for grabs!! 👻🎃 Tell us your spooky stage name in the comments and the friends you want to bring to get your hands on them! 🧟‍♂️🧛‍♀️



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33 Responses

  1. Nick Tearle says:

    Sesh Dracula! Josephine George

  2. Melanie White says:

    Georgia Mia Philby sexy Casper

  3. Jamie Coutts says:

    boo-tiful ghoul / Tyler Mansell Finlay Gregory Mollie Anne

  4. Becca Davage says:

    Satanic vampire & Matty Cook frightful ghoul

  5. Reece Dolan says:

    Satanic Vampire! Jordan Liquorish Abbie Wellard Jordan Bradshaw

  6. Shannon Garland says:

    Eerie creature

  7. Matt Binks says:

    Frightful gremlin 🎃🎃🎃🤣🤣 Ryan McNeil Ben Riley Sean Carlisle

  8. Mitchell Briden says:

    Frightful gremlin

  9. Daniel Cavell says:

    Wicked ghoul

  10. Kev Joshua Pastor says:

    Horrible Casper Bradley Cozens

  11. Keegan Godfrey says:

    Horrible Creature

  12. Tony Graham says:

    Niamh Beckett sesh gremlin

  13. Michelle Tanner says:

    Frightful Dracula – Williams – Loopy Lisa Griffiths Kelly – xx🌻xx

  14. Chelsea Milton says:

    Bewitched killer Lauren Donovan Whitehouse Jordan Purkiss

  15. Jazmin Ford says:

    Boo-tiful witch Demi Roberts Layla Draper Ellise Clark Chantelle Prewer

  16. Samantha Birch De Vere says:

    Eerie gremlin 😂 Jordan Birch Kallie Edwards Connor Martin Tom West

  17. Gillian Ewing says:

    Sexy skeleton Jasmine Day

  18. Jordan Birch says:

    Boo-tiful gremlin 👻 Samantha Birch De Vere Connor MartinMartinTom WestWestKallie Edwards

  19. Rachel Jacob says:

    Satanic Monster 💀 Mitchell Barclay Connor Sanders Bethany Carter

  20. Connor Martin says:

    Bewitched killer Jordan Birch Samantha Birch De Vere Tom West Kallie Edwards

  21. Tyler Mansell says:

    Gruesome killer Jamie Coutts Finlay Gregory Tia Mitchell

  22. Beth James says:

    Bookey monster & horrible pumpkin Katie Hardy

  23. Joanna Flores says:

    Boo-tiful skeleton Anna Jane Carling Alison Todd Alisha Cain

  24. Robbie Hawkins says:

    SATANIC PUMPKIN Michael SumraySumrayDavid Edwards

  25. Robbie Hawkins says:

    Satanic Pumpkin , with this crew

  26. Saffron Bussey says:

    Bella Gahagan you can either be scabby creature or evil creature whilst I’m eerie gremlin 😑

  27. Aaron Barnes says:

    Liv Povey relevant for my toes

  28. Shane Rochford says:

    Niall O’toole correct

  29. Emily White says:

    Maddi Jones bukey broomstick 🤣

  30. Jü One Caniot says:

    Boo-tiful Ghoul 🤘 Laurent Dltr Lamiche Joyet Emma Wigman Camille Bel Marine Ceconi

  31. Kayleigh Gamble says:

    Horrible creature Shannon Marie Chloe Marsh

  32. Luke Antony Longman says:

    Lauren Ashley Killick yours is defo right 😂😂😂

  33. Josephine Pettit says:

    My guess is MK

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