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We are FSTVL news: Check out the incredible Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, one of our We Are FSTVL Ibiza…

Latest update from We are FSTVL

Check out the incredible Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, one of our We Are FSTVL Ibiza hotels! Secure your trip with our early bird £25 deposit and flexible payment plan. Full deets 👉🏻 🤩🌴https://plln.io/waf 🌴



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41 Responses

  1. Abby Smith says:

    Taylor Watson can we go!!!

  2. Gemma Dearman says:

    Dave Cooper this is where I’ve booked x

  3. Amy O'brien says:

    Danielle Hill This is what I was talking about xxxx

  4. Sarah Owen says:

    Chanel Welton meet you there x

  5. Hannah Robertson says:

    Rachel Elliot if I had money we should

  6. Mhairi McClafferty says:

    Kate Snow how beaut is this 😻😻

  7. Georgia Bartley says:

    Megan Olivia how amaze does this look!!

  8. Jordan Ranson says:

    Martha Huggins this is where we got beefed by the taxi driver hahaha

  9. Britney Hendry says:

    We are festival 😲

  10. Sarah Martin says:

    Claudia Menzies Clare McEwan Nnatalie Sstockton how cool would this hotel be for our girls holiday😍

  11. Claudia Anderson says:

    Emily Green how beautiful is this!😍 it’s right by ocean beach I think 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. Neve Bradley says:

    Eleanor Evans check this out Ibiza!💕

  13. Imogen Slotwiner says:

    Lottie Dolderson thought this was finns me

  14. Charlotte Partington says:

    Katie Jayne Gower feel like fb is hinting at something?🤔

  15. Aamy Hhetherington says:

    Emily Cosgrove need to try this one

  16. Ryan Wightman says:

    Wow! Ali McMillan Konor McGinnis Emma Cowan if only we had the holiday😭😭

  17. Charlie Wadsworth says:

    Stevie Louise we have to go

  18. Charlie Wilkinson says:

    Alan Wilkinson fancy a couple of nights here? 💋

  19. Agnes O'Aivazian says:

    Leanne Davidson so many choices.. Defected, we are, abode… Omg

  20. Lauren Rayner says:

    Lydia Goodfield I think we’ve found the one

  21. Christine Sweet says:

    Better start saving your pennies 😉

  22. Chloe Welton says:

    Katie Staff when are we going 😍

  23. Cydney L K Williams says:

    Kiera Norris I want to go here

  24. Alysha Daniels says:

    Kelsey Jane Winchester how cute and pretty but ew at where it is lol

  25. Zara McHale says:

    Kim Thorpe is this it? Xx

  26. Nikki Woodman says:

    Mollie Hearsey do you wanna stay here?

  27. Simone Farr says:

    Asia Chafer mate how pretty 😍😍

  28. Melissa Barton says:

    Kelly Sansby this looks amazing 😍 xxx

  29. Nicole Gaunt says:

    Conner Armstrong how unreal is this place

  30. Demii Duncan says:

    Janie Mann can we just go here 😍🤪xx

  31. Lily Wilde says:

    Nicolee Daley I wana stay here next year xx

  32. Eloise Pinder says:

    Lauren Thomas Martha Charis Beth White how lush is this😫

  33. Ruby Baxter says:

    Phoebe Summers when we goin beefa then

  34. Brandon Stimson says:

    Cherie Jade Peachey!!! We are hotel in Ibiza!! Xxx

  35. Anna Flanagan says:

    Jade Folan how nice is this

  36. Amy Kenna says:

    Cherie McfadyenKirsty YoungEmma Dingwall how good this look 🥰🥰

  37. Melanie Jane says:

    Hazel Harkness why did I think off you when seen this.lol.

  38. Jaime Cowan says:

    Ellie Thomson this is the hotel that was down the road from ours

  39. Angela Garvey says:

    Colleen Kelly everyone copying your designs 🙄

  40. Hannah Evans says:

    Hayley Watts look at it now 😍

  41. Ellie Brown says:

    Charlotte Crook maybe we do Ibiza next year??? 👀👀

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