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We are FSTVL news: BOOM! We’re delighted to announce our We Are FSTVL 2020 Phase 2 lineup in all it…

Latest update from We are FSTVL

BOOM! We’re delighted to announce our We Are FSTVL 2020 Phase 2 lineup in all its glory! 🔥 LIKE, SHARE + TAG a mate for a chance TO WIN 5x backstage XCLSV pass upgrades plus artist meet & greet. Winners announced next week! 4th release tickets now sold out, 5th release running low…🙌🏻



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42 Responses

  1. Drew Dowling says:


  2. Francesco Grazioso says:

    Pasquale BocciaBocciaGiulio Lnd Antimo Sossio BuonocoreBuonocoreGiulia Cattai Andrea CirilloCirilloLuca CravelloCravelloFabrizio Ferreri

  3. Dia Rinkeviciute says:

    biggest one! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Marco Calderaio says:

    Diego Caggiari bro che mi dici ?

  5. Wes Ellison says:

    Would love this up Newcastle!

  6. Abby Hearn says:

    Ryan McDermott I hope Wilkinson are still to be announced

  7. Francog Ycarolina says:

    Ryan Rogers Vamos ? 🤗🤯

  8. Kirsty Lawson says:

    Iow Jam it’s going nuts! Would need the whole weekend and who to see 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🔥 xxxx

  9. Casey Hurry says:

    Lydia Porter I cannot wait for this

  10. Reece Miller says:

    We Are FSTVL 2020 is looking crazy!!!

  11. Britney Morgan says:

    Mia Richards check that line up, although don’t think I can do it again 😂

  12. Caitlin Jones says:

    Shauna Potter tagging you for the competition but also think we should go

  13. Matt Sotheran says:

    Awesome! Very pleased to see Andy C on the lineup again! 🤗

  14. Jim Allsop says:

    Carl Cox in the Paradise tent?


  15. Ste Burton says:

    That darkzy stage jesus I want to go.. Emma Burton you got this festival, I’ll work, leave dave at home 😘

  16. Gabriel Magalhães says:


  17. Leanne Leonard says:

    Emily Hartley this or liverpoool for my birthday 😩

  18. Tom Garcia says:

    Kitt Mould has to be the best festival line up going, easily

  19. David Tyler says:

    Saturday looks good for me 👍

  20. Ffion Percy says:

    Katie Hill that line up is unbelievable what the hell !!!

  21. Owen Sc'erri says:

    Ella Tanner
    Defected stage is looking nice😍

  22. Joshua Charles says:


  23. Aidan Russell says:

    Kyle Malik look at all this ! Charlotte and Sonny man !!! 😍😍😍😁😂

  24. Shannon Giddings says:

    Fisher is on sunday 🤙 Kyle Giddings

  25. Becca Power says:

    Carly Burton look at all of these and we’ve already got the tickets !!!!!!!!!

  26. Natasha Ryder-Dennis says:

    James Waterson I beg I win this, it’s my 21st birthday on 22nd 💃🏾 We Are FSTVL

  27. Claire Edmond says:

    Shelby Verde Salinas we need to go this year!… please 😉 too much FOMO! Andy C, EZ, Fisher, Camelphat, Friction 🥂

  28. Faye Jones says:

    Ria Jones omg what a line up

  29. 琪琪 says:

    There’s actually too many good DJs now 😱. I know we won’t get to see them all 😭 Yvonne Iroegbu Kelly-Anne Mace

  30. Martin Julian Smith says:

    Craig Todd nice little weekend festival between Clockwork Orange next year.

  31. Milli Robertson says:

    Euan honestly can’t get over this

  32. Rachel Louise King says:

    Mollie Stevens circo loco 4th one

  33. Courtney Goodall says:

    Jessica Wilson lets do the Sunday 🕺🏼

  34. Biri Hugo says:


  35. Abbie Martin says:


  36. Jordan Moorhouse says:

    Oliver Dempsey black Madonna again, gta dj doing bits

  37. Vickie Rhodes says:

    Derren Vaux Melanie Jayne Ashurst Nicole Welsh seeing as we haven’t got any girls hols or hens in nxt year? 😬😬😬

  38. Lee Foster Melly says:

    No that’s a line up , wish it were in Scotland 🕺🏼

  39. Lucas Haar says:

    Wish we would win with such a schedule 😍 Thomas Walspurger

  40. Joe Albery says:

    Paradise stage for Luciano and Carl Cox is pretty mega Haydn Davies

  41. Chris Boothby says:

    Incredible. So big I’m actually lost for words 🤯🤯🤯💙💙💙🕺🕺🕺🐺🐺🐺

  42. Karl Hutchinson says:

    Sean Hutchinson Craig Woodcock Jamie Thompson reckon steelyard london isn’t getting announced yet because of this. Looks good anyway this though, uber anyone?😉

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